The Game of the Gaming Consoles heats up with PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

The game of the gamers is again reaching a crescendo. There is worldwide contention among gaming fans about which console delivers the most engrossing virtual experience in game quality. Only a few days back, Sony released the PlayStation 4 for the North American market following a hyped inaugural. The show received attendance from hardcore PlayStation gamers who waited for more than 24 hours in the snow outside the inauguration venue to get their sets of pre-ordered consoles. Sony is soon to release the experience in the Latin American and the European market.

Microsoft, keen to not lag behind, would be releasing the Xbox One in a few days. Gamers and professionals across the world are busy comparing the available information on the consoles. In this schism between the gaming behemoths, Nintendo’s Wii U could not receive a good welcome at its troubled launch. Industry experts are actually keeping Nintendo out of the equation in determining the winner at the race of the consoles.

Sony’s latest release comes after a seven year hiatus, surmising the saturation of the fan base. So, the Japanese developers aimed at creating a highly engaging ‘cinematic’ experience to engross the gamers. The new DualShock controller would also exhibit thumbsticks and triggers redesigning and would make gaming even more sensitive with the incorporation of the touchpad. The reviews coming in indicate that the new console is much easier for navigation and quieter than the PS3.

The information available on Xbox One indicates that it is going to have an advanced sensor for the virtual simulation of body movement. It would also have improved voice recognition facilities, to make the games even more interesting than its competitors. Interestingly, the Xbox one would also be able to connect to TV satellite reception and control the set top boxes.

However, Sony has some additional allure for the gamers. The console provides two game launches on cross-platforms, the Call of Duty: Ghosts and the Battlefield 4. Both these games would also be available in a much improved resolution graphics than the Xbox One. However, Xbox is not out of unique attraction as well. Xbox One would offer gamers with exclusive experiences like the Titanfall, and the Forza Motorsport. These exclusive games are constantly generating great positive buzz in the tech forums, often overriding the enthusiasm to try the Killzone and the Shadow Fall in PS4.

The success from these releases also holds deep implications for the companies. Sony recently had to slash the yearly profit forecast to a wholesome 40%, much to the astonishment of investors. Sony chief executive officer Kaz Hirai expects the PS4 to perform like the smartphones from the company and not like the struggling TV production department. Microsoft has its own troubles to look after. The company is yet to declare a replacement for ex-chief executive Steve Ballmer. To make things worse, the fund manager overlooking the $ 2 billion stake of MS co-founder Paul Allen, already urged the next CEO to terminate the Xbox unit if the company wants to survive in the long-run.