Don't Wait 'Til It's Too Late! 3 Big Investments for Those 30 and Above

As we get older, we have to make monetary investments so that we are financially secure in the future. Once we pass thirty, there are certain things that we should invest in. Here are three things that people should not miss out on when they are thirty and over.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as gold are also great to invest a small percentage of your portfolio in as you reach and pass the age of thirty. They hold value when local currencies and markets lose their value. Of course, precious metals have their own market in which their values constantly go up and down. However, their value tends to be more consistent over time, and they are generally hardy against depressions and recessions.


When you are thirty and above, you should have some savings in the bank and in a retirement account. The median amount of money that American millennials have in their bank accounts and retirement accounts is around $2,430. In this statistic, “millennial” refers to people born from 1981 to 1998. The amount of $2,430 is very, very small compared to the rest of the population. For the average American household, regardless of age, the median amount that people have in savings—including both retirement and money in the bank—is $11,700.The median amount of Generation X (people born from 1965 to 1980) is $15,780 while the median amount for Baby Boomers (people born before 1964) is $24,280.
Some people advise having the same amount as your annual salary saved up by the time you are thirty years old. However, savings is determined by your specific situation. Speak with a financial advisor about steps moving forward and how to make the most out of your money.

Real Estate

Real estate is a great investment. There is nothing like owning your own plot of land that you can do pretty much anything on. A piece of real estate can be a cash cow because you can charge rent to tenants, develop the property, or sell it at a profit later. Real estate values go up and down, like any industry, but, if you invest in property in a good location, the property should be worth a good amount when you go to sell. If you’d like to buy property for you or as an investment, contact a local real estate professional to learn about property and homes for sale.
As you save your money and look for things to invest in, be smart with your money. Consult local professionals about your financial choices before making any decisions so you know what you’re getting into and can move forward with confidence.