Tips: Using Previous Year’s Papers to Crack BITSAT

Tips Using Previous Year’s Papers to Crack BITSAT

Some exam is always around the corner and there is no respite from one until one finds a job. That has been the norm and always will be. Exams can be taxing more so if the exams are the toughest that there is.

After boards, many students aspiring to become engineers look to take on exams like BITSAT to shape up their careers. Cracking these exams is not an easy feat and can increase stress quotient of the aspirants.

Reducing Stress

The competition in these exams is fierce and that too in itself can be a stress. So, how can one stay ahead of the competition? To succeed in anything is to know about it. Exams are no different. To crack and ace an exam it is crucial to know about the pattern besides the syllabus and resources.

Previous year’s papers are one of the components by which one can know the pattern of the exam and chart out a strategy to prepare for it.

Tips to use previous Year’s Papers

  • Knowing the syllabus before one begins solving previous year’s papers will yield better results. The previous year’s papers are cut out from the syllabus of the exam.
  • At the early stages of the exam, it is important to study the concepts and the topics in depth before proceeding to solving previous papers.
  • Scheduling and investing specific hours of the day to the previous year’s papers along with self-study is a good strategy.
  • Solving the previous year’s papers and revising should go hand in hand. Especially for an exam like BITSAT where topics to cover is vast and requires good practice sessions.
  • Previous year’s papers will give an aspirant the feel of the real exam and hence needs to be taken seriously. By solving these papers an aspirant can figure out where they stand in their preparations. This will help them to weed out their shortcomings and improve upon the topics they are lagging behind.
  • Previous year’s papers are a good way to know the pattern of the exam. This will give an aspirant idea on what type of mock tests to take and prepare for the exam.

Benefits of previous Year’s Papers

  • Predicting what can appear in the exam.
  • Knowing the topics which are important and focusing on those topics.
  • Knowing the topics from which maximum questions/difficult questions/easy questions come from and preparing accordingly.
  • Exams like BITSAT will test an aspirant’s speed and accuracy so solving previous year’s papers is important.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and strategize accordingly.
  • Solving previous year’s papers will instill confidence among the aspirants.


A years hard can go in vain if not prepared well. BITSAT is just a year away and to be well versed with the pattern of the exam requires precision in preparations and previous year’s papers are a key component of it. So, why wait? Be ready with concept learning and start preparing with previous year’s papers to test the waters before the final battle.

Best of luck!