House Republicans Want to Impeach Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder is the target of a group of eleven House Republicans who want to impeach him. They plan to introduce a new resolution on Thursday that will ask for his impeachment, saying that he has lost the faith and trust of the American people. More specifically, it says that he refused to cooperate with congress over the investigation of the ATF”s “Fast and Furious” operation. The articles of impeachment were written by Representative Pete Olson of Texas.

holderThis isn’t the first time that Holder has been the target of House Republicans either. Last year, they wanted Holder held in contempt for refusing to hand over documentation that was related to the Fast and Furious sting. The operation was under fire partly because it allowed illegal guns to be sold and transported to drug cartels in Mexico, so that the authorities could track who was buying and who was selling. However, around 2000 weapons were unable to be located and are considered by most to have gone to drug organizations. However, two of the weapons were recovered at a shooting scene in Arizona that killed a United States Border Patrol agent.

The articles of impeachment also accuse Holder of lying under oath when he testified before Congress in May. He stated then that he had never been involved in any “prosecution of the press,” but it was found out later that Holder had signed a Justice Department order to search a Fox News reporter’s private emails, James Rosen. Holder wrote a letter explaining that they were not planning to charge Rosen, and so the issue was dropped. Holder is also under fire for failing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and other activities that the Republicans have a problem with.