Gearing Up To Be A Wedding Photographer?

It is practically unheard of to have a wedding where a photographer is not present to capture all the events.
The wedding events are a great opportunity for aspiring photographers to make a name for themselves.
However, it is important to note that taking photographs in a wedding can be extremely challenging because things rarely go as planned.
As a photographer, you will be receiving instructions from a number of individuals, from the bride and groom, catering staff and the wedding planner.
For you to succeed as a photographer, it is imperative that you have the best possible equipment.
You should keep in mind that a wedding is a very important day and you should not spoil it by investing in cheap inferior equipment.
A professional photographer should make sure they have the following equipment:

1.       A camera


This is probably the most obvious equipment and it is important to make sure that you select one that will produce high quality images.
Most professionals lean more towards Nikon and Canon camera brands but it is also possible to get other equally good brands.
If you cannot afford to buy a top range camera, then this is no cause for concern because it is possible to rent one.
There are lots of photography stores that have rental departments.
This will provide you with the opportunity to build your reputation and at the same time save towards a professional camera.

2.       Lenses


A common mistake that most aspiring photographers make is to invest in a grade camera body and pay little regard for the lenses.
If you have a limited budget, then it is highly advisable to invest in the best quality lenses possible and buy a medium range camera.
Get as many lens as you can because each kind of lens offers you a different prospective and point of view.
There are basically three types of lenses which include telephoto lenses, normal lenses and wide angle lenses.
Also, consider investing in a macro lens which is ideal for detailed shots for items like wedding rings or even the bride’s jewelry.
It is highly advisable to carry all these lenses to make sure that you capture the best moments of the day.

3.       Accessories


As a wedding photographer , you should expect to take photographs in different scenarios which mean that you should make sure you have the right accessories.
Very important accessories are umbrellas or soft boxes which are handy when working off camera flashes.
Soft boxes are more preferable because umbrellas can be blown over by a slight gust of wind.
A tripod is another important accessory especially since group shots are normal in wedding photographs.
You should never rely on hand holding for these kinds of shots because you will end up disappointing your clients.
Do not forget to carry a second camera body in case the main one becomes faulty in the middle of the shooting.
If you cannot afford a second one, consider hiring or borrowing just to make sure the shooting is successful.

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