David Cameron plans to play Hardball Tactics with Trade Unions

The recent wake of developments in the industrial scenario prompted the Downing Street to resort to hardball tactics in dealing with how to meet trade union demands. The catalyst that led to this turn of events was the almost-closure of the oil refinery in Grangermouth, Scotland. The Government plans to implement a balanced strategy in interpreting the successful leverage tactics from the Unions and look into the proper implementation of ethical business strategies among the employers.

The Government appointed Bruce Carr QC to look into the different allegations with a purview of closing the loopholes in the highest industrial system. The Government made it clear that it admits Union pressure as a threat to the national infrastructure and would look deeply into the different aspects of the paradigm. Vince Cable, the business secretary Liberal Democratic confirmed that the investigation would also look into unfair practices by the employers. The contrarian stand of the two officials revealed an inherent strife within the coalition. The review would look into the allegations that Unite successfully tried intimidating the executives from the owners, Ineos, by dispatching aggressive demonstrators to stage protest outside the premises and homes owned by chairman of Ineos, Jim Ratcliffe.

The spokesperson from Unite released a strong statement, dubbing the enquiry attempt as a ‘Tory stunt’ for the elections and claiming that no trade unionist would ever collaborate with the investigations. The spokesperson also condemned the investigation as a ‘sorry attempt’ of diverting the attention of the general public from the crisis caused by the increasing cost of living. He also stressed that the Grangermouth dispute is now a closed chapter and that must not avoid the notice of Vince Cable.

Other relevant reports reveal that the Prime Minister recently confronted the Union within the Commons, asking Ed Miliband, labour leader to investigate the allegations of vote rigging in the Falkirk constituency party. The rigging allegations pointed to the efforts of Unite to instate their favorite candidate for the position of Labor.  However, Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey has been always denying the allegations of bullying, insisting that the organization never crossed the perimeters of the highest laws of the land.

As per his assigned responsibilities, Carr would be looking into the revision aspect of the current laws in meeting with the ‘intimidatory and inappropriate actions’ in the trade disputes. The official would also be looking into the role played by the police in resolving the complaints. The review would be covering extensively the various subliminal aspects of the difficulties in industrial relations. The investigation would also evaluate the long-term sustainability of the industrial infrastructure in the UK and check the different unsettling factors that deeply affect investor confidence.

The review would also identify the areas of progressive improvement in the interrelation between the employees, the employers and the Government. Speaking on the issue, Vince Cable pointed out that much of the ideas of strained relations are illusory as the past two years have been especially crucial in establishing employer-employee confidence. He also pointed out to the fact that there have been only a few labor strikes in the last two years, implying the easing of complexities in the field.