Know The Ways To Get Rid Of Blotchy Skin Appearance

Blotchy Skin Appearance

Blotchy skin appears red in color, and although most people confuse it with acne, it is not. However, you can treat it just the same way you treat acne. Usually, the red blotchy skin might result from pigmentation scars arising from healed acne, uneven and unexplained red patches, rosacea, eczema, and dry rashes. When you have a blotchy skin, just be aware that there are some underlying imbalances behind the blotchiness. You should begin treatment immediately using similar techniques for acne elimination. Begin by improving your diet, getting better sleep, exercising regularly, reducing stress and observing a natural and gentle skin care routine. Here are some tips to help you deal with blotchiness.

1. Treat The Scars Using Steroid Products

There are various over-the-counter products that might prove helpful when it comes to minimizing scars and other forms of skin damage that cause blotchy skin appearance. If your face appears to be irritated, inflamed, swollen or red, a topical steroid cream might help you minimize the appearance and the size of the scars. Try a hydrocortisone cream that has strengths of up-to 1 percent and comes without a prescription. It contains active ingredients that are easily absorbed into the skin especially around the affected areas to help minimize blotchy skin appearance.

2. You Might Want To Use Onion Skin Products

There are numerous studies that recommend using products that contain onion skin derivatives combined with other ingredients including allantoin to assist reduce skin discoloration as well as the size of scar tissues. You will find onion skin derivative products on your local drugs store without a prescription. Usually, if you are concerned about how to get rid of flaky skin on face fast, anion skin products should be applied daily for some months. This is because it altering skin tissues to pave the way for remodeling takes time.

3. Silicone Sheeting Is Your Friend

Silicone sheeting products will help with your situation faster than you could possibly imagine. These products are well-known for their effectiveness in minimizing the appearance and the size of almost all types of scars. Because there are numerous variables out there, be sure to choose one that is perfect for your skin type. Consider purchasing silicone gel sheets from online and local pharmacies, and they are available without any prescription.

4. Try Using Green Tea Extracts

Scientists recommend using green tea to eliminate blotchy skin appearance because it contains chemical products known as phenols that are well-known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Topically applying green tea allows for the release of the phenol compound that is packed with blotchy skin appearance treatment properties. A lot of research backs using green tea extracts to minimize blotchy skin appearance. For instance, a recent study has shown that green tea extracts reduce scar tissue growth significantly and can shrink already developed tissues. Because scars that cause blotchy skin are different, green tea extracts contain abilities to deal with various scar types. Purchase green tea extracts creams from your local pharmacy or online.

5. Medical Procedures Might Come In Handy

You might also want to try medical procedures out to eliminate the appearance of blotchy skin. This should be your immediate alternative if the appearance of blotchy skin is very pronounced or if topical remedies are not responding well. Before, starting any medical procedure, consider discussing with your dermatologist about available procedures and how each can affect you. You will discover that there are various medical procedures that can help remove skins’ external surface layers depending on the level of damage. Some medical procedures include laser resurfacing, which includes the removal of external surface skin layers that are damaged. Currently, there are newer equipment and techniques that ensure that this procedure takes place fast and smoothly to achieve the desired results. Other medical procedures include steroid injections, fat and collagen injections, radiotherapy, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion.

6. You Might Want To Apply Ellagic Acid

Ellagic acid is well-known for its anti-oxidant properties. Additionally, it is packed with abilities to inhibit particular enzymes that are responsible for melanin production. According to research, ellagic acid is among the best natural products for skin lightening. Therefore, if you are still wondering how to get rid of flaky skin on face, maybe it’s time you tried out ellagic acid.


Blotchy skin appearance makes your face look unattractive, but it can be eliminated. Consider discussing some of the best treatment options with your doctor to discover the best technique for you. You might as well want to go natural using some home remedies.