Cruise Line Operator Haimark about to test the Asian Waters in 2014

The cruise line business has been constantly seeing an increase in interest across the world. Industry statistics reveal that by the last decade, the worldwide interest in traveling at luxury cruises increased by 14 percent. The increase is most prominent in Asia with the last couple of years seeing an overwhelming hike of 50%. The young cruise company Haimark, keen to have a strong footprint in the luxury crusing market, is planning to launch as many as six riverboats on the Asian waterways by the next two years.

Presently, the shipbuilding is progressing full one with the shipyards in Kolkata, Yangon, and Ho Chi Minh City abuzz with high activities. The company aims to trail the waters on the Mekong and the Irrawaddy first, and then proceed to set their sails on the Indian holy river Ganges. Although the boats themselves are in the making, the company already has a sold-out full ship charter booking. The interest of international travelers to Asia derives from the trend that the baby boomers are looking more closely than ever at their travel bucket list in the search for new experiences. Asia promises to offer an exotic experience to the baby boomers who are now tired more or less of the European cruises. Haimark plans to be the industry leader in bringing the unique exotic travel experience to the cruisers.

The company runs on the collaborative efforts of the managing director trio. With its headquarters in Breckenridge, Colorado, the company has industry veterans at the helm. Tom Markwell is the sales head and the managing partner at the company. Marcus Leskovar is the managing partner handling the finance and procurement sections. Both of them are former executives of Pandaw River Cruises. The duo partnered with Giang Hoang Hai, an experienced Southeast Asia operator, to start the company, that quite innovatively blends in the names of the three partners. The naming has not been a problem With ‘Mark’ as the common name between the partners from Colorado.

The cruising company presently handles the land bookings for the Avalon Waterways and the Uniworld River Cruise. It also has 7 ground offices in Southeast Asia, working under the direction of Hai, and handling the requirements of around 4000 yearly visitors on an average. The six boutique ships in preparation would reflect the highest standards of luxury. They would be either operating on long-duration charter arrangements or as hundred percent operated by Haimark. The flagship Mekong Navigator is ready to set sail by September, 2014. This 68-passenger, 34-suite luxury ship already has full charter bookings. The Navigator would combine the best in traditional luxury, with an amalgamation of the European and the Oriental. The ship has a luxurious French design and incorporates design elements from Cambodia and Vietnam.

The luxury cruiser would have the best in amenities. All suites would have balconies for the passengers to reflect on the passing beauty. However, the superior suites would not have the balconies. Instead, they would sport a private verandah, glass windows from floor to ceiling, and exclusive butler services. The itinerary of 7 nights would require passengers to pay $1,999 per head.