Broken After a Break-Up? 4 Ways to Cope with the Pain

Experts love to toss around statistics about how long it takes to get over someone after a relationship ends. The reality is that everyone heals at their own pace, and there are a lot of details that can affect the healing process. It is important to spend time grieving the loss of a relationship and the changes it means for the plans that were set. However, that does not mean people should sit around pining over their loss. It is healthier to stay busy to avoid the heartache of lost love. Here are four suggestions for how to remain active and mend a broken heart.

Remove the Reminders

Take away all reminders of the ex is the first step. Clean out the house, and delete photographs from your phone, computer, or wherever else they may pop up. Remove items given by them as well. It may be okay to hang on to some keepsakes, but pack them up and put the box away. Clear out their personal property still in the home. Mail their stuff or drop it off with a mutual friend.

Learn Something New

Take dance lessons, sign up for a class, or learn a hobby. It shakes up the usual schedule and keeps the mind busy. A new skill is a great way to boost the ego, and a class is a perfect opportunity to make new friends. Engaging your mind and body with a challenging activity or project can do wonders to help you recover emotionally.

Spend Time Socializing

Avoid casual dating for a few weeks to avoid any rebound relationship worries. Spend time out with friends instead. Use the opportunity to have fun and not think about the ex or wonder what they are doing right then. Hold back any urge to gossip about them or to talk with everyone about what went wrong in the relationship. You don’t have to ban your ex’s name from conversations, but it’s not healthy to focus too much energy on them, either.

Focus on Tomorrow

Now is the time to forget about the past and concentrate on the future. Write down dreams and goals and plan how to achieve them. Change or replace any prior goals that included the ex as an integral part. Consider a new career or discuss the options available with a current employer. Find unfamiliar places to travel, call a psychic hotline, or plan out a complete makeover.
It’s easier to heal when people focus on themselves and their future. It does not take long to discover how enjoyable it is to live life free from the burdens of a failing relationship. Believe it or not, it is possible to remember someone fondly and to still have some love for them, even when you know that not being together is the best choice.