The Benefits Of Shopping For Clothes Online

Online shopping is fast becoming the consumer activity of choice, with 28% of young people buying the majority of their clothes online (The Drum). It’s no wonder really, when Saturday shopping on the high street can be so stressful. People hoarding into shops under headache inducing fluorescent lighting, elbowing you out of the way to get to the sales racks. That’s not to mention the bored customer service assistants completely ignoring you while they scan your items, the fact your size is almost always sold out, and the fact it can be so exhausting walking from shop to shop, changing in sweaty changing rooms and then having to lug clothes around. Is it any wonder people prefer online shopping?

Here are just some of the benefits of shopping for clothes online:

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains

Online retailers don’t have all the overheads owning a retail premises brings, or if they do, they’ll drop their prices online to get more sales. Then you save money on driving into town, catching the bus or buying lunch in between lengthy shopping sessions. Basically shopping online will always be cheaper. Business owners know consumers look online to get the best deal, which is why they always offer the best deals online. It’s also cheaper because you aren’t restricted with comparing prices to the shops in your local town, you can browse hundreds, if not thousands of retailers to find the cheapest price of the item you love. You might just save a few pounds on delivery, or you might even find it half price on sale somewhere – the possibilities of cash saving are enormous.

The Benefits Of Shopping For Clothes Online

The Huge Variety

If you’re looking for a particular garment, like a dress, in any standard shop you may find around 20-30 dresses in different styles. When you’re shopping online, the amount of styles you can find are limitless. You will find the garment you have in your head, there’s no doubt about it. It may also be that retail premises are restricted by what is in style, or what it in season, or they may have gotten rid of old stock for new lines. Online there are no restrictions at all. You can get access to the latest fashion designs online that may have not hit the shops yet, or you can buy vintage clothing from decades gone by. Plus you’ve got a lot more inspiration because there are lots more photos and ways of wearing the garment you want online, there are no spacial restrictions on displaying the item so you can see it from all different angles on lots of different shaped people.

Time And Speed

There’s no doubt about it, shopping online is incredibly convenient. You only need an internet connection and you can shop pretty much anywhere. You don’t have to get dressed, you don’t need to catch the bus or drive, you just have to go to your favourite website, find the product you want and purchase it – all whilst still in your dressing gown. You’re not restricted by the opening times of the shop, or the traffic going into town. If you work shifts, are extremely busy or live far away from town – it’s the ideal option.

Less Room For Sales Seduction

When you go into a shop, you can be sure it’s been specially designed to try and get you to buy items you don’t really need. Images, bright sales tags, layout, colours, product placement – it’s all done to get you to buy. You will probably have to walk right through the store to get to the items you really want, and by that time you’ll have probably been lured into various different areas with clever sales seduction techniques. Online, this is a lot less likely to happen. Bright colours and images are used and there are lots of click buttons asking you to check out deals, but they are easy to ignore, or if you do click on them it’s easy to just click straight off. You also avoid any sales assistants trying to persuade you to buy items.


Some people hate shopping with others, because they are embarrassed of their size, find it stressful or simply because they feel awkward about the clothes they are buying. When you’re buying clothes in public, it can be a little intimidating looking at a dress to then have someone come next to you and start looking at it as well – especially if you’re self conscious.

Online shopping is completely private, so you can browse the Bella Fashion Queen site with no worry of anyone judging you – you simply just have to enjoy yourself.