How To Avoid Dating When You’re Not Ready

You’ve probably encountered situations where you’re not looking for a date and need to stay single for some time, but opportunities and invites are coming every day. We’ll give you a few tips on how to stay single and avoid going out on dates for a while when you really need it.

  1. Stop Looking for a Date
  2. While this might be a really obvious answer, you might encounter a situation where you might spot a potential partner and rush into things without a second thought. Don’t look for a date, and instead look for new friends who’ll make your life a lot more interesting. Who knows, maybe one of these friends will become your partner someday, and your relationship will be way stronger due to the strong friendship that was before it started?

  3. Use you Time Wisely
  4. If you have a lot of free time, you might start thinking about going on a date. Don’t do it, and instead look for something to do to spend time as wisely as possible. Go out with your friends, visit your family, go to the library, focus on the job or studies at hand, try to invest more time into your hobby or find a new one. After all, when you’ll be ready for a relationship, it’ll either give you a way to pass the time when your partner is not around you, or it’ll be something that both of you enjoy doing together.

    But be aware that investing time into your hobby might also be a way to find new friends and potential partners, but keep in mind that while it might seem tempting to connect with them in a romantic way, don’t try it until you’re prepared to start a relationship. Also, shared interests are not something that’s truly necessary in a relationship.

  5. Don’t Decline Offers in a Blunt Way
  6. If you’re approached and asked out, don’t answer with a blunt “no”. If you’re not ready to have a relationship, you don’t have to throw that person away from you. Just say something like “Right now is not the time, because…” or “I’d love to, but…”, and offer an explanation. If you don’t provide an explanation, it might look like you’re kicking that person away for something negative that they don’t have.

  7. Stay Friends
  8. Try to be friendly, but also try to avoid being forced into a relationship just because you have a flirty attitude. It’s not your fault that they could misread your signals. Try to talk to them after some time, so they cool off and clear their mind of any thoughts like those. Also, make clear since the beginning that expecting anything but friendship is not an option right now, so you won’t get into awkward situations.

  9. Don’t be Afraid to Get Help
  10. If you’ve had a traumatizing experience with dating and it make a clear influence on your choice to stay single, you don’t have to drag the weight of that even along with you every day. Reach out for help to the trusted friends and family members, and consider also visiting the psychiatrist or therapist to get professional help.

    We hope these tips will help you in life, and we’ll continue posting more useful tips in the future. Consider subscribing to our newsletter for news and more useful information about dating!