5 Inexpensive Ways to Renovate an Old Kitchen

Renovate an Old Kitchen

 The word ‘renovation’ and ‘remodelling’ is often associated with sky-high prices, but it does not have to be.

You can keep your kitchen transformation under a budget with adequate research into kitchen renovation and upgrades! Here are some ways that you can renovate your kitchen without breaking your bank.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a fresh coat of paint can do to your kitchen. The oil and muck that sticks to your kitchen walls over time may cause it to appear drab and dull. There may also be some dust trapped in small crevices in the paintwork, or some paint might already chip off on its own!

The effects are immediate when you repaint your kitchen. Try going for a brighter shade than before to create a clean and modern look. The lighter hues tend to make your kitchen appear much newer than it is!

Of course, you’d have to take the colours and tone of your kitchen equipment and cabinets into consideration too. Avoid colours that clash with each other (green with red, as an example) if possible!

Revamp Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

You might notice some signs of wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets. These signs may include chipped paint and door corners, surface scratches, broken hinges and more.

You can upgrade your cabinet by replacing the broken parts first. Then, sand the uneven parts and restain or repaint them as well. Try using neutral colours such as beige, grey or white to give you kitchen a clean and renewed look.

Remember to clean the drawers compartment too! A kitchen renovation is an excellent time to clean and reorganize the content of the drawers. Throw out anything that is broken or no longer needed.

Sand and Polish the Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor can get scratched or dented when you frequently move furniture around or drop sharp items on it. If your kitchen floor happens to be wooden, the dents and scratches will be even more prominent!

Thankfully, you won’t have to replace all your floor tiles and pay for new ones. However, your kitchen flooring will benefit from being sanded and polished again.

Australians can look for floor sanding service in Newcastle or other areas to get this task done at a reasonable rate. Keep the sanding and polishing option in mind before you opt for a complete floor replacement!

Consider Installing New Kitchen Faucet & Sink

Even an upgrade as simple as a new faucet can produce a significant change to a kitchen’s overall appearance. You should get this upgrade if your plumbing has been leaking or rusty!

Aside from replacing the faucet for an aesthetic purpose, new faucets also tend to make cooking and cleaning easier. As an example, kitchen faucets these days are taller than before, making it easier to clean bigger pots.

If you’re installing a new faucet, consider getting a new sink to complement the kitchen countertop and faucet too! A deeper sink can prevent the dirty water from splashing out too much while you clean, which minimizes the post-cleaning work required.

Change the Lighting

Are you still using yellow-hue kitchen lighting? You can consider hiring an electrician to install some pendant lights over the work station in your kitchen to make the space look more modern.

You can always search for kitchen renovation ideas on Pinterest or browse IKEA online to find the next light fixture to install! Once you have found a product that you’re interested in, you can then search for a cheaper lookalike in bigger chain stores.

Remember to compare prices online before you shop for the fixture that you want! With any luck, you might get an affordable, all-new light set-up that looks fancy without hefty prices.