Decorating A Small Apartment

Small apartments present an exciting challenge when it comes to interior decorating and design. One wants to make use of all the living space possible within the apartment, while also controlling clutter. The ideal small apartment looks clean and deceptively spacious, despite the actual lack of room.
One key strategy for decorating small apartments, and using all available space is to only have furniture pieces that are absolutely necessary. The best pieces have multiple uses. For example, a bed with a headboard that acts as a bookshelf is an excellent addition to one’s small apartment. Space that would already be used for the headboard also serves as a storage and display area for books, photographs, personal memorabilia, and other items. This is even better if the mattress rests several inches above the ground so that the space under the bed can be used for storage.
Another very handy example of a multi-use piece of furniture is an ottoman or footrest that is also a storage container. A hollow footrest can hold books, papers, clothing, or any other items that may take up precious room in a small apartment. These furniture pieces will look nice, and keep clutter to a minimum. Some piano benches, coffee tables, and sofas may also act as storage units.
Futons are also excellent multi-use furniture because they can be both a couch and a bed. These are ideal for beds for guests in particular.
Along with utilizing multi-use furniture, in smaller apartments it is also strategic to use all of the wall space possible. If allowed by the landlord, building new bookshelves or installing several hooks and coat racks into the walls can be a perfect way to maximize the capacity of a small apartment. For people who have large numbers of shoes, installing a vertical shoe rack in the closet or on the back of a door is a good way to minimize clutter. Any additional shelves, window sills, or hooks will help keep items off the ground, making the apartment look put together and finished. Stacked washer-dryers are also ideal for small apartments, because they use more vertical space than horizontal.
Decorating a small apartment can be tricky, but well worth it. By purchasing furniture that can be used in multiple ways, maximizing all storage space, and using as much vertical room as possible, small apartments can look clean and beautiful.
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