Dump The Stump: 3 Solutions To Your Landscaping Dilemmas

Dump The Stump: 3 Solutions To Your Landscaping Dilemmas

Many homeowners take great pride in their home’s curb appeal. Some spend hours outdoors each week trying to create a beautiful yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood. However, there are numerous common landscaping issues that could detract from your home’s curb appeal. These are excellent solutions to a few of the more common landscaping challenges that you may face.

Remove Tree Stumps

Trees can die for many reasons, such as because of disease, weather-related damages and more. Some people may even remove a healthy tree from the property if it is in an undesirable area. Many homeowners will cut a damaged or unwanted tree down to a stump or hire an arborist to do the work for them.

However, the stump remains an eyesore, and it could even affect personal safety because it is a tripping hazard. Hiring a professional such as GDE Tree Services to grind or even burn away the stump can resolve this unsightly problem.

Focus on Drainage Issues

Drainage is another substantial issue that can affect any home. It can result in erosion around your home’s foundation, muddy piles in the lawn and more. Installing gutters on the roof is an excellent way to channel water away from the home when it rains. You can also use a dry creek or other decorative features to more easily manage the flow of water on your property. While containing the water is important, you must also focus on finding an improved way to channel it away from your home and landscaping features.

Brown Spots in the Grass

Brown spots in your grass can easily spread in some cases, so this is an issue that you should address as soon as possible. Many spots are caused by fungal growth, and they must be treated so that the fungus does not grow. While there are several treatment products that you can purchase in local stores, a better idea is to schedule professional landscaping assistance to treat your lawn’s brown spots.

These are some of the more common landscaping issues that homeowners face, and they can be glaring eyesores that detract from the beauty of your curb appeal. In some cases, they may even impact the overall condition of your home or be the cause of injuries. These suggestions may help you to address the problems that are plaguing your yard. If you are not comfortable working on these solutions yourself, hire a landscaping professional or arborist to assist you with the necessary steps.