Fast and Furious 7 finally finds the ‘Cool Guy’ for the Franchise

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious franchise are all set to find a new character to look after them in the seventh series. These cool renegades of the series, welcome the new game changer in the town. The show recently confirmed that Kurt Russell in the upcoming 7th version would blow the audience’s mind away with an extraordinary gait setting him distinct from other actors. A leading entertainment news channel recently caught up Walker on his views about the new entrant in the fast lane. Walker was forthcoming in discussing the details of Russel’s role at the imminent tentpole, focusing on the interactions of his character with Brian O’Connor and Dominic Toretto.

Walker described Russel’s character as a ‘father figure’ who would be looking out for them in the movie. “We never had a cool guy looking out for us before.” Brian and Dom play the nroles of misfits trying to figure out their way. Until now, Dom has been the older-brother-father-figure whom Brian never met. It waits to see what new inclusions do Russel’s entry into the series brings in. Fans are hoping for something spectacular as the series has been setting benchmarks in speed racing and expressing deep rivalries between different factions. Along with Russel, Jason Stratham would be joining in the gang from the seventh Fast and Furious. The cast also has the usual franchise mainstays Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson and Ludacris.

Walker adds in with a laugh, “Russell gets in with the feeling of safety for the racers.” “It is cool to have Kurt around, because he is by nature very protective about friends. As a kid, I watched his stuff like the ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and ‘Tango & Cash’ many thousand times over. They were my absolute favorites.” The 62 year old actor actually has a huge fan in walker, who to a pleasant surprise found him to be a really ‘cool person’ to be around. “We share several similar interests. He was in racing for a period. He likes outdoors and is in different cool stuff.” Vin Diesel was unavailable for the interview. However, he was at the debuting of Russel’s character in September, all dressed up and giving out the impression of setting out on a long, fast, and furious trip.

The fans of the franchise are already showing great interest in the new inclusions. Fans look forward to an adrenaline rush when the men and women take the wheels in the theaters. There has been also a lot of anticipation in the new storyline. Many veteran fans are drawing their own conclusions from the patterns of the previous movies. The movie and the automobile forums are abuzz with the discussions on the seventh race, and everyone expects the strong good men to emerge victorious over the forces of evil. Meeting their expectations, the movie is all set for a release on July 11, 2014. It waits to see the changes brought about by the incorporation of Russel and Jason. Entertainment 2