5 Podcasts That Will Help You Be A Well-Balanced Adult

In North America and across a great part of the Western World, people are considered adults when they reach the age of 18, and this is a typical age for moving out, getting a driver’s license, joining the military, getting married, and settling into a career. According to a 2019 neuroscience conference hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences in Oxford, most people do not become mature adults until their 30th birthday because their brains are still undergoing development.
With the above research in mind, absorbing information that focuses on actionable guidance about becoming a well-balanced adult is highly recommended. To this effect, here are five podcasts you may want to listen to:

The Mortified Podcast

Being able to laugh at yourself should be a prerequisite for adulthood, and this is what the Mortified Podcast focuses on. Remember all those embarrassing LiveJournal diaries, love letters and escapades you got into as a kid? This is what the Mortified Podcast deals with in a fun and cathartic manner with a self-help angle.

Cooking with Archaeologists

One of the problems with food-related podcasts is that they often fall short of providing the visual experience of television shows or recipe websites. Dr. Colin Amundsen and Cris B. Santisteban are archaeologists who talk about how recipes, tastes and attitudes towards cuisine have evolved over centuries. This is not your typical food podcast, but it is highly enjoyable.


This is not a recurring podcast as much as it is an audio documentary series that explores the painful aspect of broken familial bonds. A few of the episodes focus on parenting, particularly the moment when children make it a point to not repeat the mistakes their own parents made. Heavyweight is a sentimental podcast, but it offers quite a few positive moments of hilarity.

Money for the Rest of Us

Becoming an adult means working towards your requirement. David Stein, the host of this podcast, delivers information in a fascinating manner reminiscent of the financial planners you hear on the radio, and he emphasizes the importance of attaining the highest level of financial independence possible.

Hey, Cool Job!

Dream careers come to us when we least expect them, but they are easier to pursue when we feel inspired to chase them. Hey, Cool Job! is a podcast that features in-depth interviews with people whose jobs are universally considered to be cool, and they are frank in terms of explaining how others can get there.
In the end, you are never too old or too young to learn new things. Listening to podcasts is an intimate experience that can inspire you to become a better person in an entertaining manner.