10 Noni Juice Benefits You Must Know About

10 Noni Juice Benefits You Must Know About

The Noni Fruit 

Before we want to delve into the amazing health benefits of noni juice let’s get to know the noni fruit and where does it come from. The noni fruit or Indian mulberry is found in southern parts of India, in some parts of Bali and even in Australia and the Hawaiian regions. It is popularly sold as noni juice that has proven to have several health benefits. It has super rich antioxidant properties so it naturally flushes out the toxins in the body. Noni fruit and leaves, its stem and bark have also been used for healing and medicinal purposes. Noni Juice is the popular version of medicinal and health purpose drink as it is also beneficial for chronic diseases such as diabetes and its anti-inflammation properties help in reducing joint aches.

10 Noni Juice Benefits You Must Know About

FAQs About Noni Juice

So what is noni juice and what does it do? If you are looking for an all-encompassing natural health drink then noni juice could be the answer. Here are some FAQs:
Q: Does Noni Juice help prevent chronic diseases?
A: It helps prevent diseases like gouts and has very impressive benefits to promote cardiovascular well-being.
Q: Does Noni Juice have healing properties?
A: Noni juice is believed to have healing tendencies and is studied under that light. It serves as an energy booster and rejuvenates the skin. It also acts as an immuno-booster as an added benefit.
Q: How can Noni Juice be taken?
A: Different kinds of noni supplements can be taken such as its unsweetened pulp, its sweetened versions and dilutions with grape juice to even out the bitter taste. The pulp contains the nutrients and it is best to avoid the market ones that have added sweeteners or preservatives.
Q: Is Noni Juice rich in vitamins and minerals?
A: Noni juice offers a great nutritional value as it has the essential B complex vitamins such as riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), thiamine (B1), vitamin B12, vitamins C and E. Minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. Additionally it has an abundance of antioxidants per intake.
Q: How to make Noni Juice at home?
A: Pick out a clean jar and a few ripe noni fruits. Allow the fruits to dry before closing the lid on the jar and wash them before fermenting them. This normally takes six to eight weeks. After fermentation remove the lid and drain out the sediments using strainer. Then pasteurize and test the acid (pH level) of the juice. Seal the jar back again and refrigerate.
Q: How to consume Noni Juice?
A: It should not be taken in huge quantities as it is rich in potassium. This may not be ideal for the kidneys. However diluted versions with grape or berry juice can be taken.
The noni plant is actually a shrub which procures a reddish green fruit.

10 Amazing Noni Juice Benefits

  1. Muscle Relaxant – Noni juice is effective for relaxing the muscles as it can prevent spasms. It detoxifies the muscles and allows it to gain energy. It soothes and comforts muscles as it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Combats Arthritis and Natural Immunity Booster – Noni juice benefits are likely to have detoxifying properties because of the quinone reductase enzyme. This in turn helps the body to gain immunity as it has 17 amino acids that supplies energy to the body. Most importantly, noni juice benefits combat chronic ailments such as arthritis. This is due to its anti-inflammation tendencies, adding noni juice to your diet if suffering from arthritis can visibly reduce joint pains and soreness.
  3. Cardiovascular Well-Being – For a better blood flow in the arteries noni juice is believed to have relaxing or smoothening tendencies towards the muscle cells. It regulates and balances blood pressure levels because of its vasodialting properties. Further studies have shown the additional noni juice benefits can help reduce the bad kind of cholesterol (LDLs) and the good kind of cholesterols (HDLs) respectively. It is beneficial for overall cardiovascular well-being.
  4. Treats Diabetes – Noni juice benefits include effects on diabetic patients. Taking noni extracts can reduce chances of type II diabetes.
  5. Cell Repair – It is studied that noni juice and extracts contain some alkaloids. The noni fruit or morinda citrifolia contains small amount of xeronine (a colourless alkaloid) and when in the juice form contains proxeronine. This allows xeronine to be prompted in the body in the intestine that facilitates cell repair.
  6. Therapeutic Effect on the Central Nervous System – This has been an age old feat on the uses of noni juice. Its natural chemical constituents treat brain damage and sooths the central nervous system. It has been studied that there could be changes in behavioural patterns for treatment in psychiatry. The basis of such a benefit is that noni juice reduces cerebral stress and sustains the good enzymes to work in the body.
  7. Fight Cancer and Tumors – It is studied that noni fruit can fight cancer and reduce inflammations and pains due to tumors. It has anthraquinones that are anti-cancer in nature and is present in the noni fruit. This makes it very efficient if taken in regulated quantities. It slows the growth of cancer cells in the body because it prevents glucose to enter into tumor or cancer cells. This in turn also acts as a pain relief.
  8. Rich in Antioxidants – Noni juice health benefits richly include antioxidants such as Selenium, catechins (also present in green tea) and beta-carotene that prevent the body to go under oxidative stress. These antioxidants also including vitamin C and vitamin E prevent diseases that cause cell damage such as cancer, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease to occur.
  9. Heals Wounds – Noni fruit juice helps in speeding up the process to heal wounds. The curing tendencies of noni juice in the form of granulation or regeneration of tissues, reduction in blood sugar levels as mentioned above helps in healing wounds quicker.
  10. Best for Skin care – Lastly, noni juice health benefits include prevention of skin wrinkles because of its collagen pro effects. Because of its anti-inflammatory nature is prevents chances of skin burns, acne or blemishes to appear. Its alkaloid content xeronine helps in cell repair so the noni juice benefits of skin care is well known and credible.

Noni Juice Side Effects

It is likely to be safe for consumption however with regulated dosage. As mentioned earlier, taking excessive amounts of Noni juice can cause kidney problems because it is high in potassium. If advised to take more, consult doctor before adding Noni juice to your diet. However, this is an overview of Noni juice side effects.
  1. Its potassium richness can be unprecedented if combined with other high potassium drugs that are used for high blood pressure. Added dosage of Noni juice can result in nausea tendencies and even cause cardiac arrhythmia.
  2. Avoid completely during pregnancy and lactation: Noni juice side effects have been historically seen to aid abortion. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid noni fruit or extracts during this time. It is however not known what effects noni can have on infants so lactating women are also advised otherwise.
  3. Kidney Damages: For people who already have pre-existing conditions with their kidneys should avoid noni juice because it can cause potassium levels to rise in the blood which can damage the kidneys.
  4. Liver Damages: If preconditions of liver diseases are present then avoid noni juice side effects on the liver can be prevalent.
  5. Check for allergies: You should consult a doctor or check for allergies from the noni fruit, extract or noni juice. If conditions prevail, stop taking noni thereafter.

Noni Juice in a Nutshell

Noni juice has several therapeutic qualities and it has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. Noni juice price range can be anything between 400 INR- 1200 INR depending on the brand. Noni juice Patanjali products are also available online and in select Patanjali stores. Noni juice for women has also been beneficial in lowering menstrual pains and endometriosis which is a serious condition for urban women. Because of its anti-spasmodic properties it helps in relaxing muscles for both men and women. It has been a traditional medicine and has made its way through urban medication as well. As a natural health product, the amazing benefits of noni juice are not unheard of.