Clothing Boutiques Have Some Great Items For You To Wear

The saying “clothes makes the man” (while in need of a modern upgrade to “clothes makes the person”) rings true. What you wear and how you wear it have a direct bearing on your life. This is not an exaggeration. If you don’t believe this, try spending a day feeling like a frump. Wrinkled clothing, shoes with scuffs or holes, and ill-fitting pieces take a toll on your self-esteem. When you don’t feel like a champion, you don’t act like one. How do you feel in your favorite pair of jeans?  The ones that fit like they were made for you? Or that shirt that everyone compliments you on? A day in a winning outfit inspires confidence and success. Whether you buy your clothing at the department store or from a fashion house, it should look great, feel wonderful and fit perfectly; and for those interested in a high-quality, affordable, always-a-hit look, there are clothing boutiques.

The difference between a Boutique and a Department Store/Chain is that the Items are not mass-produced and widely distributed

Boutiques carry select lines that the fashion houses feel they can properly represent. Does this make the items boutiques carry more expensive? Yes, but there is a big difference between expensive and affordability.

Do you know what a three dollar t-shirt really costs? When you stop to think about it, the fabric, the labor, the shipping and the merchandising all add up to far more than three dollars. So why is that shirt so cheap? The cost cutting comes in the labor (unfortunately this can mean sweat shops in some cases) and big compromises in quality. That cheap shirt is not going to last many washes before it falls apart or stretches out.

Boutiques on the other hand, carry a smaller range of items that are made under careful conditions and held to a very high standard. The clothing found in boutiques can last for years and tends to retain their shape and color.

That is the difference between “affordable” and “expensive”. Expensive is dropping $700 on a plain designer t-shirt because you like the label. Affordable is paying the price for true workmanship and quality in a way that fairly compensates everyone involved in making the garment.

Another reason why Clothing Boutiques have some great Items for you to wear can be Boiled down to one Word: Style

Fashion houses garner fame by having a distinctive style, be that chic urban wear, minimalism, draping, etc. It’s hard to find these styles in department stores as they try to please a wide swath of clients instead of a target demographic. Therefore, to showcase your personal style, shop at boutiques. There you will find clothing that speaks to you because it was made with you in mind.

Not convinced yet that boutique stores have some great items for you? Consider this. What is the state of your closet? Is it messy? Overflowing with items you got on sale at the department store  – yet you only wear a select few favorites? Come on…admit it!  We are all guilty of this. The truth is, no matter what kind of “deal” you got on that shirt or jacket, you are not going to wear it unless it’s comfortable and makes you feel good. When you shop at boutiques, the experience lends itself to a slower, more savory shopping trip. The décor is designed to inspire and relax you. The sales associates are trained to talk to you about the different brands they carry. The change rooms are well-lit and the customer service is exceptional. Your high-quality purchase will fit and feel far different than a department store piece. Therefore, you will wear it, treasure it and enjoy it far more.

Nothing is better than feeling strong, confident, and sexy in your clothing (well, maybe a good hair day but that’s another topic) and the way to get that feeling is partly in your confidence and partly in your clothing. Clothing does indeed make the person, so whether you are ready for a style upgrade, want to support fair and equitable clothing retail, are seeking clothes that reflect your personality, or are in need of a great shopping experience, head to a clothing boutique. The many choices – and the experience – will delight you. It’s time to take control of your closet, one well-made piece at a time.

This article was written by Lloyd Cleve, is an expert on lifestyle and fashion topics. He covers the topics related to clothing boutiques in this article.