Be Aware Of How Well Your Internet Marketing Is Helping You

Sometimes when people start marketing online, they focus too much on web analytics, which are number of visitors, Page Rank and top 30 rankings.  There are more things to focus on such as how many visitors are actually engaging in your ad, the conversion rates and backlinks collected.

How Much Time Do People Spend on Your Website?

You can take record of this by:
-recording the average amount of time spent on your website (should be a high number)
-recording the average amount of pages visited on your website (should be a high number)
-bounce rate: this is the number of people who do not go beyond the first page of your website (needs to be lower than 50 percent)
-checking the number of how many people share your site through social media
Your visitors are the ones who make you money, so it is important to invest some time in seeing how they respond to your website.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is important because it allows you to know the ratio of visitors to visitors who take action through a purchase or by signing a newsletter.  If you are spending time and money to make your website bring in customers for you, you need to know the conversion rate.  This allows you to make changes to your website, so it can be more effective.  Even if your website is not to make money, you still need to know the conversion rates because if your website is meant to teach people, you will want to know if they are learning from what you are teaching.


According to Google’s algorithm, it is important to have quality links that lead people to your website.  You need to be aware of what links are in your backlink profile.  The things you should be focusing on:
-are there “bad neighborhood” links connected to your website, such as pornography or gambling
-it is possible to have too many keyword-based anchor texts, in this case you may have over-optimization which leads to penalties
-make sure your links are not only for use with search engine optimization purposes
It is necessary to review your backlinks monthly, so you do not receive penalties.  If you have backlinks that are problem to you, have the links removed, and if the Webmaster refuses to remove them at least you will have it on record to prevent you from receiving penalties.
Victoria lives in the southern United States and writes on a variety of topics includiing Dallas internet marketing.