Secrets To Maximize Your Shed Space

You don’t always need to purchase a large open shed in order to gain lots of storage space. Sometimes by purchasing a smaller shed and planning your space accordingly, you can fit the exact same amount of items in, with a fraction of the cost.
A Higher Roof
Believe it or not, by purchasing a shed with a higher roof you can gain an enormous amount of space. Although this space might not account for storage facilities, you can place hooks, clasps and tags to keep your items suspended, saving you room on the floor.

  • Rakes
  • Trowels
  • Gloves
  • Shovels

Can all be placed on suspending hooks, there is no need to stack them in a corner and waste the space, organize them well and suspend them safely so they are easily accessible at all times. However you are not just limited to these items, there are many others that can be stored safely without taking up floor space.
You can also place your shelves higher on the shed wall, thus accommodating for more. The high roof allows you to open up a world of possibilities, and gives you much more space within the shed.
Boxes And Drawers
Stackable crates are a treasure to have within your shed. Most people don’t just store gardening equipment in their sheds; many store other items such as paint cans, paint brushes, and messy equipment that they generally don’t want around the house. When you plan out your shed space, make sure you accommodate for everything you wish to put inside. Stackable storage crates are a great idea if you want to maximize your space and a suitable alternative if you don’t have access to a stack of drawers. Buying a set of metal drawers can be useful if you have lots of smaller items to store, they are perfect for items such as paint cans and equipment, and the fact that they are metal also makes them useful for storing corrosive chemicals such as turpentine and white spirit. Having a set of drawers with a lock on is a good idea if you have children, this way you can store the hazardous items safely inside your shed whilst still allowing your children to access it.
Storage Crates
Crates are good if you don’t have drawers, however one downside to them is that you cannot overflow them, because if you do then they simply won’t stack on top of one another. If knocked, they can easily tumble and your items will scatter over the floor. If you choose stackable crates, ensure you place them in a corner, so they have the support of both walls behind them, and also ensure that the items you use the most are in the top crate so you can access them with ease. Stackable crates allow you to have 6 crates in the space of 1, as they are stacked; this increases the amount of floor space.
Junk Items
Try not to store useless items in your shed, as this can easily lead to clutter and mess. Organize your shed so it can operate at its maximum efficiency. Sheds are a great way to store your needed items, as it keeps the house clear and tidy whilst still having access to them. If you keep your shed well organized and tidy, you are sure to free up that much needed space, saving you time, and money should you ever need to purchase a new one. When you purchase a new shed, look out for storage opportunities inside, that way you can truly make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new shed for your garden or backyard area.
Author Bio
Harry Allison works in a shed superstore; he recommends that you take into consideration what you are going to store in the shed before you buy it. Visit website for sheds that come in a variety of ranges, so be sure to examine each one before you make your decision