Essential Health Tips For Seniors

Essential Health Tips For Seniors

Healthy living is an important aspect of human life. The choices we make concerning our health plays a large role in the quality of life we live. Aging means having to be more careful on the choices made. Some tips that can help seniors have a better lifestyle and health are;

1. Quit Smoking and Non-prescribed Drugs

-Smoking harms the body regardless of how old you are. It causes cancer, heart attack and strokes. It also causes the skin to wrinkle since it affects the skin elasticity, erectile dysfunction. There are many programs to help quit smoking and start living healthy.

-Using non-prescribed drugs will affect your health. Drugs affect the normal working of the brain, heart and the body. They may also cause physical injuries when a person uses them because of lack of maintenance and impaired judgment.

2. Stay Active

-The fact that you are retired doesn’t mean you don’t have to be active. Living a sedentary lifestyle will negatively affect your health. The benefits of being active includes

-Reduce stress

-Maintain healthy weight

-Better sleep

– Control or prevent illness

-Feeling and looking better

-Some activities to do to keep the body include; Walks, jogging (if you can), treadmills and any other activities you may enjoy. It’s important to avoid straining the body since it can cause an injury. Consulting a doctor before doing any exercise is recommended.

-Exercising also helps in balancing to avoiding falls, reduce risk of bone loss and build muscle tissues.

3. Healthy Diet

-Maintaining and healthy diet is very important. Exercising and diet are the most important things to consider in order to have the best state of health. Many diseases can be controlled or avoided by the dietary choices we make. Supplements can be taken along with healthy food to maintain a healthy body.

-Some dietary requirements include fruits and fruits since they contain Calcium and Vitamin D which helps in preventing osteoporosis. It is much healthier taking whole fruit to juice.

-The risk of dehydrating is increases with age due to the body’s reduced ability to regulate fluids in the body.

-Never skip meals, this will lower your metabolism and lead to poor food choices later.

4. Maintain Healthy Weight and Regular Dental, Vision and Hearing Check Ups

With extra weight comes higher risk of diabetes, blood pressure and a heart disease. Visit a doctor to advise you accordingly on your ideal weight and ways to shed the extra weight.

-Weight loss can sometimes be seen as an uphill task, but with the right company and determination, it is easy. Join a local group of people with similar goals who you can easily relate to.

– Go for regular check-ups since some diseases can be prevented if discovered early enough. This includes cataracts and glaucoma.

5. Manage Stress and have a Positive Outlook

-Being old does not mean you cannot have fun. Participate in social events and charity work. Being around people will help you have a positive outlook on life and a sense of purpose.

-In order to avoid stress, try relaxation techniques or yoga.

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