How To Choose A Generator To Rent

How To Choose A Generator To Rent

Generators are the life support of any outdoor event and construction project. They are a reliable and versatile power source whether you are hosting a garden wedding, operating a mobile hospital, or powering a wind turbine.

How To Choose A Generator To Rent

Before renting a generator, make sure that you know the voltage and amps required for your application. What unit size do you need? How many hours do you expect to run the machine? Also factors to consider when renting a generator are:

  • Type of load
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Control systems
  • Safety concerns
  • Environmental impact

Type of load

Generators connect two types of electrical loads: resistance and induction. Incandescent lights and heaters are powered by resistance loads while most construction equipment such as power hand drills, submersible pumps, and air compressors require induction loads.


Generators come in all sizes – from small, portable units to trailer-mounted stackable machines. The bigger the size of the generator, the greater the kilowatt it can output.

To determine the size of the generator you should rent, list down the watt requirement of each device that you intend to connect to the generator and add them all up. Multiply amps by volts to get the wattage. As a rule, always rent a generator that is capable of producing more power than you require.


If you need to tow or load the generator on a truck, check if the unit has forklift slots or lifting eyes. Multiple generators can be stacked on top of each other to save space so look for these features if you intend to rent more than one unit.

Fuel source

Most rental generators run on diesel or gas. Modern technology has made more options available such as propane or natural gas and biogas. Discuss the pros and cons of each type with an expert from an equipment rental company.

Control systems

Depending on your application requirements, you could choose a rental generator with remote start ability, remote programming, low fuel warning, and power management systems.

Safety mechanisms

Rental generators must have safety features in place such as ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) systems that prevent electric shock or electrocution. Some units are equipped with low oil warning, circuit breakers, and auto shut-off mechanisms that prevent overloading.

Environmental impact

Generators are notoriously noisy – not ideal for camping or a wedding. Fortunately, modern generators are now quieter and more efficient than older units. Let your rental guy know if you need a generator with reduced sound and emissions.

We can help event planners and contractors find the most suitable rental generator for any application. Discuss your requirements with us today.

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