How To Boost Your MBA Essay Writing Speed

To many students writing their MBA admission essay, essay speed seems irrelevant. The truth is you need to be a quick writer when compiling your MBA personal statement essay-at least while you’re compiling your stuff. Why? If you try to get it ‘perfect’ the first time around by writing very slowly and methodically, you might never finish. This is a very common problem with applicants who have a tough time editing their essays.
They had spent so much time writing their essays-making sure every word is handpicked-that they have a tough time emotionally when forced to let go of paragraphs, if not pages, of their text. By forcing yourself to write very quickly, you add quite a bit of emotional distance between you and your text. Since you are more emotionally objective, you will be able to cut, compress, and rewrite whole portions without feeling torn.
Another great advantage of writing your essay very quickly during the initial stages is that this allows you to focus on a particular subtopic and dump everything that comes to mind. For example, if the subheading you are writing on involves ‘leadership’, you can quickly jog through your memories of the items on your resume that involve this personal quality. You just zip through all the experiences you think are relevant. Eventually, you’ll keep editing these items down until only the most relevant items are left. What is important is that it is easier to cut later rather than have a tough time compiling or collecting materials in the first place.
Finally, the biggest advantage of writing your MBA essay very quickly is that your chances of not completing your essay on time or, worse, being forced to cram writing until the deadline, are very much reduced. By writing out all your thoughts and biographical information under each of your essay’s subheadings, you make sure that you have all the information you need from the get go. Instead of having to mentally edit, your quick writing makes editing more of a housekeeping duty instead of a creative nightmare. You can get creative and fancy later.
What’s important is to get a massive pile of text going first, then apply all your creativity to paring down, tightening, and reshaping your essay until it starts to look good enough for prime time. The truth is you won’t have a problem if you start your essay early enough. However, even if you are pressed for time, if you zip through the writing part, you will still be able to turn in a quality essay if you spend most of your time editing and fixing instead of having to collect information.
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