When Men Behave Like Ghosts or Why Men Disappear

by Sandra Baker
When a guy stops calling or texting, obviously you try to figure out what has happened. Time passes; you look for a reason and start blaming yourself. Let’s see what makes such guys behave so shamelessly, and are they really worth your worry?

Are you familiar with one of the classics? You meet a guy, he’s charming, confident, and you have many things in common. Everything is going wonderfully. You go on a couple of great dates, get acquainted with his friends and start making plans for the future. But suddenly things turn around. He stops calling and texting; he just vanishes without any explanation. You can’t help but ask yourself, “Why did he disappear?”, and desperately look for the obvious reason that made him leave unexpectedly. You try to get your bearings to get him out of your head and move on, but all your attempts to forget him are in vain. As this situation has become common for thousands of women I’ve come up with some ideas that will shed light on this mysterious behavior and help you deal with your disappointment.

You’re more than Amazing

I’d like to start off with a flattering point – sometimes men are genuinely frightened by how amazing you are. It’s no secret that men have crises of confidence too, he may have decided that he was not good enough for you. I doubt you could change his mind. Moreover, he did not give you the chance to do so. So consider it good fortune when he pulls away.

It’s not you, it’s him

If a guy disappears off the face of the earth without saying a word, it’s probably due to something else going on in his life. Maybe he’s experiencing a life changing moment, and he really just needs to be alone. Sometimes there may be a really compelling reason behind his big disappearing act. However, if the guy does not call you for more than two weeks, there’s practically no chance that he will call you again.

Work is more Important than Love

Let’s face it, sometimes a guy is going to choose his work over love. This probably is not what you are looking for in a relationship. These men focus on their ambition and career. Just think about it, are you ready to cope with him having a job that will always come before you? Understand that it is not the best time for him to build serious relationships. Just let him go.

Different Fears

Sometimes guys are afraid of telling you the real reason for breaking up because they don’t want to hurt you, and think that disappearing is the best option. Sometimes the fear runs much deeper. Losing his freedom and identity is a common fear that makes a man show a clean pair of heels. If you are looking for a fulfilling relationship, it is clear that this man is not for you as he is not ready to commit to you.

He is Just a Player

When you meet a guy, you never know whether he is dating someone else. He could be pursuing more than one girl while he’s dating you. He is likely to have chosen one of the other girls. These guys are only in the pursuit of a woman and are not looking to get into relationships. If you are not interested in short-term relationships, I’d recommend you get to know more ways of avoiding players in the before you go on your next date with a handsome fellow.

He put you in the Friend Zone

Were you introduced to a friend of a friend? Or did you go on a date with an old friend? Even if you think you are a great match, he still thinks you are friends only. So he stops asking you out on dates, and behaves like he is not interested in dating with you at all. Don’t get upset! It will be better to leave this guy in the friend zone right now. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future will be the right time for both of you to take things further.

Ladies, if your guy disappeared on you and was not mature enough to explain the reason why he left, don’t waste your time thinking about what happened. Please remember: If you call or text him and he doesn’t respond, don’t call or text again! Repeated contact does not work! Trust me, a man who’s interested in building a relationship with you will never disappear like a friendly ghost. Just forgive and forget him. But keep on dating, as thousands of decent guys are dreaming of meeting a girl like you!

Sandra Baker is a dating adviser, psychologist and content writer for Wildbuddies.com. With years of experience in the dating field, she knows how to help singles meet their soulmates and find a date online.