How has Tech Changed Entertainment?

How has Tech Changed Entertainment?

There can be little doubt that technology has impacted the world of entertainment massively in recent years. The pace of change has been so rapid that the entertainment landscape now looks completely different from even 20 years ago. Luckily, this is great news for you as a consumer! The sheer scope of entertainment that technology brings to your fingertips is much wider than at anytime before in history. This means that you never have to be bored or short of something to do.

Whether you need something to pass the time while on a long train journey or even during a work break, technology has made this easier than ever, and the methods of enjoying this entertainment are also outstanding compared to the past. 

Top ways in which tech has changed entertainment

When it comes to finding something to pass those empty minutes and hours, humans have always strived to come up with the best. These days, tech has meant we are a long way from the cave painting entertainments of our ancestors!

Here are some ways tech has changed entertainment:

  • Music – One of the industries to really feel the winds of technological change is the music industry. Who remembers sitting in front of their home stereo listening to a CD or tape of their favorite band that they had physically purchased from a music shop in their town? This was the way it was done for a long time until tech changed all that. Now, you stream music via online services like Spotify and listen to them via wireless speakers you can carry around in your pocket or on your mobile phone. This is a major change and one that the music industry is still catching up with in many ways.
  • TV – TV is another entertainment sector that technology has had a big effect on. With Satellite TV and cable boxes, you have more channels than ever to watch now. Movies or shows are recorded straight onto the hard drive of your box, which has seen off video recorders and VHS tapes. TV streaming services like Netflix have also made great inroads in recent years to change not only how TV can be watched but also the consumer habits of TV viewers.
  • Movies – There’s no business like show business, as the saying goes. Hollywood and indeed the whole film industry has changed due to tech over the years. Most films now make extensive use of CGI and other technological effects when making a movie. This allows for films that would have been unheard of in the past to be made and enjoyed by a wide audience.
  • Gambling – Having a flutter on the horses or playing the lottery used to involve a physical trip to the nearest lottery provider or bookies to put your money down in person. Technology has completely changed this in recent years. Now, players can simply log on from the comfort of their front porch and do it via the internet. Proof of this can be seen on the site, which enables you to easily choose your lotto numbers.
  • Gaming – You may remember a time when gaming was all about the Commodore Amiga, the SNES and even the original PlayStation. Technology has swept through the gaming sector like a hot knife through butter. New consoles and games use the latest microchips to deliver sound, graphics and gameplay that are now light years ahead of what came before. In addition, the internet has allowed online and eGaming to spring up and become popular.

Don’t forget about smartphones!

Of course, an article about technology changing how we keep entertained would be incomplete without the mention of smartphones. They effectively take all of the above individual areas and provide a single way in which you can enjoy them, wherever you may be. This makes your whole life a positive experience. This mobile form of entertainment is perhaps the biggest change that technology has ushered in. Nowadays, you can listen to music, watch your favorite film or chat to friends wherever you are. With smartphones only growing in their daily use, this is only likely to increase. 

Entertainment is better than ever

There was a time when you had limited choices in entertainment. You could watch a video but had to go and rent one from the local video store first. You could listen to the latest track from a hot new band but had to physically go and buy it. Chatting to friends could be done, but you had to actually be in a room with them. Technology has changed all this for the better and means that we are probably the most amused generation of humans ever.