5 Best Security Devices That Will Fortify Any Place

5 Best Security Devices That Will Fortify Any Place

Today technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and so does the crime. Even being at a secure place, you are not entirely sure about your security. You may lose your belongings in a flick of a second, and you will be just clueless. Just think about your home, which is not manned 24/7 and is not possible even.

To tackle such issues, we have a pool of smart security gadgets and devices which promises to deliver flawless security layer to our homes and office buildings. From offering round the clock surveillance to keeping a record of the visitors, these security products do it all.

Let’s have a look at some of the best high-tech security devices that will keep your home and workplace safer than before.

August Smart Lock

With August Smart Lock, give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. This device will make your home safer. The best thing about this lock is, it doesn’t tamper with your door lock. The door’s interior deadbolt knob plate will be replaced with a Bluetooth-enabled, internet-connected lock controller. The smart lock also offers DoorSense and Auto-Lock technologies that will let you know if your door is both closed and locked. You can control the door from your phone, and the lock is smart enough to sense the breach.

The company profoundly claims about its reliability. As a customer, if you are not satisfied with August Smart Lock, you can return your product and request for a full refund.

Nest Protect

A small spark can devastate the whole of the structure, and sometimes the adjacent places too. Therefore, it is vital to keep a tap on any kind of smoke in the premises. Nest Protect is a smoke alarm that can smarty detect smoke, CO2, and even a burned popcorn. The device has an in-built Split-Spectrum Sensor, which tests itself automatically over 400 times a day and reports back if anything malfunctions. Moreover, the device uses Sound Check to quietly test its speaker and horn sound once a month. Now, that’s what you call a smart product is.

Nest Protect warns you in a friendly human voice, and if you not at the place, it will notify you on your smartphone

Peeple Peephole

If you don’t wish to show the surveillance device around your entrance, Peeple Peephole is for you. The device can easily be fixed in any of the door’s peephole, and you are all set to monitor everything on the other side of the door, that too without any suspicion. Peeple Peephole will inform you if someone knocks, opens, or closes your door with a push notification on your phone.

The device is easy to maintain as, under regular use, it will require charging only a couple of times throughout the year. Furthermore, the device can connect to your WiFi and store all the data in its cloud.

Dropcam Pro

Securing an area with CCTV cameras is an old practice and is also slowing going down. Dropcam Pro rightly tick all the boxes as a smart surveillance camera. The device is super easy to install and can put in place in less than a minute time. Apart from the standard functions of a camera, it offers 130 degrees of incredible Field of View, aptly supported with Zoom and Night Vision for unhindered supervision.

The device can directly be accessed on your smartphone through the app, and you will be informed of any development through push notifications.