5 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Your success as a real estate agent depends on the time that you invest in getting an education, passing your state and licensing exams and choosing the right broker to help you get your first clients. There are some other things that will affect your success. Read on to find out more.
Do Your Research
It’s unfortunate that a lot of people get into real estate without a proper research of the duties and educational requirements of real agent agents. Real estate agents do a lot more than show property and fill out contracts. They are licensed professionals who mediate between buyers and sellers. They help their clients locate and select properties, always keeping the client’s best interest at heart. They receive a commission at the end of the deal. Real estate agents must also have more than casual knowledge of the neighborhoods they show, state laws, financing, contract language and zoning.
To begin your career you must be a high school graduate and pass a written exam. You cannot be a convicted felon or the state will refuse to grant you a license.
Enroll in a Real Estate Program
You’ll have to present your GED or high school diploma for acceptance into a real estate license program. Some states require applicants to be at least 18, but there are others that require a minimum age of 21. You can take your program online, or at a vocational school, community college,university or your local real estate association. The entire program will be about 30-90 hours.
Pass the Real Estate License Exam and Get Your License
Once you pass the pre-licensing courses you can then take the licensing exam. You’ll need to provide your transcripts from the pre-licensing program and pay the exam fee before you’re allowed to take the exam. You’ll also need to spend some time studying before you take the exam. If you fail the first time, your state might allow for multiple chances.
After passing the exam you can then go ahead and apply for your license. To apply you have to consent to a background check, and provide the license fee, proof of passing the exam, transcript and sponsor card. Your license will have to be renewed every 2 years.
Find a Brokerage
Armed with your license, you’re on your way to become a real estate agent. You’ll have to find a brokerage to sponsor you in order to get your first clients, work with a mentor, and learn the business. Some research must go into choosing a brokerage, so you’ll find one that most meet your needs.
Build Your Client Portfolio
Use your personal network in order to build your client portfolio in the early stages of the business. Ask your friends to contact you when they’re looking to purchase a home, and tell them to spread the word. Later on, if you provide good service, your past clients will refer you to others.
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