Don’t Get Drowned Out!

Do you feel like your business is drowning in a sea of noise? Is it disappearing in amongst the louder competition? Are you becoming invisible? Then it’s time to do something about it as if your business shrinks into the abyss then so will your bottom line! Every business needs to take stock of their current situation to ensure they are making the most of all the opportunities possible to stay ahead of the game. Think about it, consumers and your potential customers, are getting hit with hundreds of marketing messages, night and day about products and services. You therefore need to work hard to stay ahead of the competition. Consistency and continuity of your marketing efforts will always be key to your success. So where do you start? Read our lifesaving guidelines to getting your business noticed.

Don’t Get Drowned Out!

The Power of your Logo

Your logo is probably the first thing your prospective customers will see and think of when identifying your brand. Whilst there is more to a brand than the logo, when it comes to representing your company, not only should your logo look current, it needs to embody your company’s vision and values. Perhaps your logo just needs refreshing? With a few tweaks, your logo could evolve into a more modern version that symbolises the way you do business today. A refreshed logo provides you with content for your blog, your website and social media. You could also do a launch event. Invite your clients and prospective clients, get a press release out and talk about the new age your business has entered. Really use any opportunity to shout about how wonderful you are.

Become a Social Butterfly

Whether online or offline you need to be socially active! Get your brand under the nose of your prospective customers in every way you can and that includes going to events as well as having an active social media presence. Do you have a strong digital marketing strategy? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most essential platforms for business. Look at what your competitors and customers are doing and make sure you do the same. Remember to post regularly and ensure your content is interesting, engaging and of value to your followers. Also consider Facebook advertising as well as PPC as additional and effective ways of promoting your products and services. If you don’t have the skills to manage your social media in-house then consider outsourcing your social media management. In addition to online marketing don’t forget the traditional ways of networking such as face to face. It’s an old adage but people do business with people and you can’t underestimate the power of networking. From business seminars and networking events to industry conferences and exhibitions, take every opportunity to attend or present where possible. Connecting with prospective customers or industry peers will not only enhance your profile but will build your reputation as an expert in your field.


If it moves, brand it! If it doesn’t move brand it! That’s it in a nutshell! Any opportunity you have to expose your brand to the outside world should be exploited. From your website to social media, your literature to company letterhead ensure your logo stands out. If you are running or attending an event then remember to invest in visual aids such as roll up banners or stands to ensure you get seen. If you have company vehicles and staff on the road, brand your fleet. Think of all the free advertising you will get as they travel up and down the motorway? Why not brand your workforce! Company shirts, ties, jackets can unify an organisation and get your logo seen wherever your team go. You can reap the benefits with a bit of thought and planning, after all a bit of creativity can stretch even the smallest of budgets.