Tips For Choosing A Necklace Based On Your Face Shape

Assessing the design, texture and color of a necklace is the starting point in choosing an appropriate necklace. The size and shape of your clothing neckline as well as the shape of your face both play a chief role in selecting proper jewelry.

Make your jewelry stand out and accentuate the prettiness of your facial features by factoring in your facial type before buying a necklace. If you want to create an elegant, classic look consider these factors when doing your research.

As a rule of thumb select a longer necklace if you have a round or square face to soften your features. Women with long faces should choose a shorter necklace, like a choker.

Oval Face Types

Many women with oval faces can pull off just about any necklace. This face type is compatible with most lengths of necklace and styles of gemstone.

If you really want to create a sense of balance and elegance consider wearing necklaces with a nice mix of gemstones or with prominent, boldly-colored stones.

Don’t wear delicate necklaces with smaller gemstones to complement your facial features.

Long Face

Set the goal of broadening your look to complement your facial structure. Soften your appearance with delicate gemstones and shorter-styled necklaces. Silver beads, cultured pearls and similar necklaces match well with someone who has a long face.

Wear necklaces with rounded gemstones. Choose any hue to match your facial features. Stay away from any long necklaces. Small-link, long jewelry tends to accentuate your features. Develop a sense of contrast and balance by sticking to short necklaces.

Round Face

Round or full faces are best complemented by lengthening your look. Select a necklace that falls below the collarbone. Wear silver necklaces with small gemstones and large links to accentuate the jewelry and to slim out your face. Wearing gold-filled link necklaces and multiple silver necklaces also helps to flatter your face.

Avoid short necklaces and chokers. Wearing rounded or big gem stones such as pearls should also be avoided.

Square Face Types

Think softness and length to best complement square face types. Pick a necklace with 1 central gemstone or perhaps with an oval or dominant round pendant to soften your look. Accentuate your features with a long strand of pearls or T-style necklace. Wear necklaces longer than 42 centimeters to flatter your face.

Stay away from chokers and other short necklaces.  Create a sense of balance between your facial features and jewelry.

Heart-Shaped Face

Shorter necklaces like chokers best fit someone with a heart-shaped face. Consider jewelry with a dangling pendant. You want to build the illusion of fullness to complement your narrow chin. If you prefer a wider presentation adorn yourself with eye catching, large gemstones.

Avoid pendants that end in a point. Stay away from geometric shapes to balance your appearance.

If you’re having difficulties finding a longer necklace for a round or square type face you can extend your necklace. You don’t need to toss out any old jewelry that doesn’t complement your facial features.