Carpet Damage Can Occur Due To Flood Water

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Flooding at your property is a terrible situation. No one wants it to happen, and while there might only be a small amount of water in the space, it can destroy carpet, causing huge impacts and costing your money. Flood water is terrible for flooring. If you’re not concerned about water damage to carpet, maybe you need to read more about the issues associated with flooding in the home. These problems might not always be visible to the naked eye, so read on to find out what you need to be afraid of.

Carpet Damage Can Occur Due To Flood Water

1. Wide impact area

Free-flowing flood water or wet carpets require immediate attention; otherwise, the water has the genuine potential to spread and damage other aspects of the house. Water can spread very quickly and impact furniture, decorations and potentially even the structure of your home as well (like walls and foundations). Moving swiftly to remedy the situation is fundamental to avoid long-term damage.

2. Bacteria cultivation

Wet carpet is a real breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and other harmful organisms. Within a matter of hours, your flooring can become infested to the point where it can no longer be repaired. In the right conditions, water can start a process of mold cultivation, resulting in a dangerous situation for all involved parties.

Carpet Damage Can Occur Due To Flood Water

3. Wood damage

If your house relies on wooden building materials throughout (like floorboards, walls or stumps), you want to be especially careful of water damage to the carpet. Water has the potential to chew through wood, leaving you with permanent structural damage, potentially costing thousands to repair. All it takes is a few hours of stagnant water to cause significant issues.

4. Health damage

Water damage has the potential to impact on the health of property residents.If wet carpets are not adequately cleaned and sanitized, they can cause such issues as severe allergies, breathing issues and skin problems. Hiring a professional cleaner to repair and clean any damaged flooring thoroughly is the only way to ensure no health issues occur.

5. Disruptive

More than anything else, suffering from flood damage is disruptive. When your house is flooded, you just can’t live in the property with water around your ankles. Not only is it uncomfortable but it’s unhygienic and can severely hinder your health. Having flood damage resolve quickly is the best way to get back into your property as soon as possible.

Carpet Damage Can Occur Due To Flood Water

Choosing a wet carpet treatment service

Damp carpet simply must be professionally treated as quickly as possible to avoid property damage or health mats. Cleaners can remove trapped water, treat the carpet for bacteria and dry the flooring out to ensure quick reentry to the premise. Their advanced equipment such as industrial dryers and dehumidifiers are critical to ensuring the water damage is removed quickly.

Being flooded with your home is something that no want wants to have to deal with. However, if you find yourself in this situation, the only way to resolve the issue is to hire a professional to assist with the cleanup. Avoid long-term damage to property and your health and get everything cleaned as quickly as possible.