WordPress, The Unsurpassed CMS

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WordPress is not the first software developed for blogging but it has become the unsurpassed today. Of course, it did not become the unsurpassed blogging platform by chances but as a result of its top notch features. The truth is that no top notch blog will be able to stand today without this content management system. In this article, we will analyze the wordpress software to understand its top notch features and why it has stood the test of time to this present time. Analysis will also be made on why every blogger needs this content management system in the development of his blog.

Content management system (CMS)

As with many other platforms, lots of content management systems have been built since the beginning of blogging in order to make the act of blogging easier. Content management systems are those platforms where you can manage contents and posts. In these systems, you can post comments and effectively use it as a resourceful tool to feed your audience on a daily basis. How you are able to manage your content determines whether or not your blog will be exceptional from rivals.

The aim of blogging

In blogging, people post lots of creative articles for audience to read. Also, people strive to post lots of creative articles that will increase their audience and user-base, in effect causing more people to read it. You have to define what type of blog you have (educational, motivational, religious and so on) so as not to confuse your audience. The sole aim of blogging is to generate traffic. When traffic is generated coupled with good SEO practices, your blog site ranks high in the search engine.

Google and wordpress

Google was the trendsetter of blogging. It introduced blogspot.com, its content management system that gave people a new way to interact with their audience. People began to appreciate blogging and blogspot.com began to increase. It did not take long, wordpress was born and as a result of its top notch features began to compete seriously with blogspot.com. Soon, it was discovered that wordpress gained more acceptability than blogspot.com and after sometime, we hardly hear of blogspot. Some people still use blogspot.com but are seriously looking for how to migrate to wordpress. What are the secrets? Why did wordpress take the lead though blogger was the pacesetter? It is shocking to note that even Google, the owner of blogspot.com, encourage people to use wordpress because it is highly SEO friendly. Some of the reasons why wordpress took the lead include:
– Plug-in features
– Themes
– Widgets and lots more


WordPress plug-in features allow you to add additional functionalities to the content management system. For instance, the wordpress comment plug-in allows you to handle comment spam. Other wordpress plug-in exists which can be used to perform effective functions. Some plug-ins can be downloaded free but some are not.


WordPress themes affect the way your wordpress environment look. You can change your theme to any setting or type you want in order to give rise to a given background effect or feature. Lots of themes exist and you can choose anyone available to you.


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