Amazon eBook Store

With the increase of digital book readers, several companies have introduced their versions of e-readers with a number of e-stores.  When it comes to digital books, a single company or device is not enough to consider, but if you consider latest devices and bestsellers, Amazon eBook store is on the top with its latest version of Kindle. Presently, Amazon has four authors who have digitized around one million books and their business is extending well. Amazon has claimed to generate revenue of $5.42 billion in 2011; and these figures are expected to climb up to $7.96 billion by 2012, suggested by analysts.

Amazon also provides a high revenue sharing platform to the authors, by paying them 75% of the total revenue of the books sold. Amazon holds digital library, entailing tremendous amount of digital content totaling around 945,000 eBooks with an increase in its contents on weekly and monthly basis; about 47,000 books were added to the system in the month of April. Amazon eBook catalog not only has publisher added books, but also contains individual writer’s generated material submitted through Amazon Independent Submission Program.

Amazon’s introduction of fourth generation-Kindle, in the e-Market, is the major step towards success. Currently, Amazon retains 40% share of the whole e-reading market, while its Kindle eBook store is dominating the online market by holding 61% of the market share.

With the introduction of Kindle ereader, digital readers will not only carry on purchasing additional eBooks, but also the accessories, contributions, service contracts and wireless facilities. Amazon eBook market is spreading beyond its Kindle reader as its Kindle Applications are available on all Smartphones and e-reader devices. Company knows that every individual out there might not be having Kindle; so it can capture huge number of audience with this strategy.

Amazon is planning to introduce first tablet based on Android OS with an eBook subscription system for Smartphone and e-readers. By paying annual subscription fee, users can get access to the millions of eBooks. Amazon is also redesigning its website to provide integrated and friendly services to its customers.

Amazon intends to launch eBook lending services in partnership with US libraries, after which, users will have access to 11,000 public and educational libraries through Kindle eReader or any other tablet device.

This year, Amazon has opened several international eBook stores to reach huge audience. And now it is planning to establish its stores all over Europe, until the start of 2012. It has also announced to open an e-Store in Japan in collaboration with a Japanese publishing company.