Live Streaming Apps For iOS/ Android Phones

Live Streaming Apps For iOS/ Android Phones
The world is fast becoming accustomed to live streaming events via various smartphone apps and platforms. Live streaming is an effective way to draw followers and fans into your event. Involving people, real-time all around the world while your event takes place. In today’s market, people use various, conflicting platforms to consume media.

Live streaming allows you to connect to your audience real-time around the world. Simply connect to the internet and you are ready to go. Content creators around the world are using live streaming to involve their viewers in new, interactive ways. In the internet age, it’s rare to be in the same city, let alone the same country as your fans. By broadcasting live, you are always connected via platforms such as Facebook Live. If you want to reach everybody, you’d have to use every major platform. But how do you stream on multiple platforms simultaneously while allowing users to interact real time with your video?

Live Streaming Apps For iOS/ Android Phones

Freedocast offers a solution via its live streaming IOS/Android app, which can be used in conjunction with the Pro device. The app is minimally designed, insuring ease of use for even novice users. Using the live streaming app for IOS/Android, you can control your live broadcasts wirelessly and cable free. With the app, configuring and monitoring your live stream is easy and painless. With a simple push of a button you can stop and start your broadcast wherever and whenever you like. Included in the app’s interface are settings that allow you to preview your stream and edit the title as well as set a custom still frame.

Install the app using Android Play or the Apple App store depending on your preference. The app will download and install automatically. Turn on and connect your device so it broadcasts a wireless signal to the app. Upon opening the app, it will request your location info, which is necessary for it to locate the device. A window will pop up and scan for nearby devices. The live stream app will connect to the available device and broadcasting will become enabled.

Simultaneous broadcasting is now possible Freedocast. Your live event will be broadcasted with H.264/ACC encoding in 1080p. You can broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live Periscope Live and Twitter all at the same time. If you prefer, you can simply enter in any RTMP Server URL and stream key to broadcast live to any RMTP destination.

The Freedocast Pro device works together with live streaming apps and devices to deliver high quality, HD content to your viewers. The device is reliable and affordable, making it a great option. The rechargeable features unique portability with the battery lasting 3+ hours. Connect your filming device via HDMI input to the Freedocast Pro, download the IOS/Android app and you are ready to go. An ethernet option is also provided, allowing you to get the best out of your bandwidth.

The Freedocast Pro app supports adaptive bitrate streaming. This means that you’ll always stay connected, even when the quality of your bandwidth falters. If you are streaming in HD, this function is particularly to maintain the integrity of your stream. With adaptive bitrate streaming, your broadcast will always stay online and operate at its highest possible quality.

With the live streaming app Freedocast Pro, broadcasting on multiple platforms has become a reality. Unparalleled quality and ease of use provided by the live streaming app will enable users of all levels to increase their viewership. The scope of simultaneously reaching all your viewers live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Periscope will take your content to the next level.