Top 5 Florida Watersports You Need to Try

Florida Watersports

Are you fed up with hiking, camping, bungee jumping and all the stuff of land adventure sports? The world doesn’t end here for adventure enthusiasts. Try exploring the depth of the ocean. Almost all of the Florida state is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico from both sides that make it an ideal destination for water sports lovers. Here is a list of some popular beaches in Florida from where you can start your voyage:-

  • Naples Beach
  • John D. Macarthur Beach State Park
  • Siesta Key Beach
  • Lido Key Beach
  • Miami Beach
  • Blind Pass Beach
  • Grayton Beach State Park

Just travel around 300 miles from Florida and you will also be able to enjoy the exotic marine life of Bahamas. What to do after reaching there. Relaxing on the beach for a few hours is ok but what’s next? We can help you to reveal the inner adventurer in the proximity of the sea beaches of Florida. Here is a list of water adventure sports to try on your upcoming vacations.

Interesting Options of Watersports in Florida

Sole adventure of sea kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to explore your inner adventurer because you can paddle alone or with the assistance of a professional. Rather than deploying your kayak in the rivers, try something new in the shallow water of the sea. Unlike rivers, you will get more freedom to sail without restrictions. However, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to go too far from the beach and always wear protective gear, like a life jacket, and have a first-aid kit on board. Get assistance from a professional kayaking agency if you are heading out on the kayak for the very first time.

  • Celebration on a luxury yacht

If it is your birthday, anniversary or just want to spend some quality moments with partners or friends, book a luxury yacht online to experience a different world. Your budget will need to be a bit higher for a yacht charter but the value of memories is priceless. Many yacht charter agencies are available in Florida that will take you to the horizon on a fine evening to enjoy the party all night.

  • Parasailing with cruise

This is similar to paragliding but not exactly. A paraglider is not harnessed with anything and requires adequate height to deploy. On the other hand, parasailing glider is harnessed with a speed boat to steer. It comes with buckling capacity of one, two or three people and can fly at a controlled height with rope harnessing. The thrilling adventure experience will uplift your adrenaline rush with speed.

  • Coral reef snorkeling

As a beginner of underwater sports in Florida, you can go with the option of snorkeling. The FRS aka Florida Reef System is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the United States with a large span of 358 miles. The underwater agencies have a list of all locations of shallow water where snorkeling is safe and you can explore a whole new world.

  • Scuba diving

Keywest Reef is heaven for scuba divers because you don’t need any kind of certification to explore the depth of the sea. Search online for some agencies that provide the services of certified professionals to lead you safely in the deeper world of oceans. Along with enjoying the vibrant world of reefs, you will also get an opportunity to spend some time in the proximity of marine life.

These are some amazing options to enjoy the waves of the sea or underwater sports in Florida. Try to book in advance all the above activities to prevent any kind of inconvenience during the vacation.