How To Formal Dress Your Son For Easter

How To Formal Dress Your Son For Easter

For many families, Easter is a very special time. If you are planning a special party or celebratory dinner for Easter, then these tips for how to dress your son with style for the Easter holiday may be just the thing for you. These fashion tips will help you to make sure that your little boy looks smart, confident and stylish, whether you are taking him to a special Easter service at church, or sitting down for a formal meal.

Beautiful Blazers

A smart, classically styled blazer is the ideal cornerstone of a stylish outfit for a boy of almost any age. Young boys look particularly cute in blazers, and older boys look accomplished and studious. Choose a light colour for a cheerful springtime look, or a darker colour if you want something a little more formal.

Underneath the blazer you can wear almost any kind of shirt. Plaid or check shirts are fashionable today, but plainer designs are timeless and will go with other outfits too, so they may be a good choice if you expect that you will need formal wear for other occasions.

To round off the blazer, add a tie. Bow ties are fun and charming, but you may find it difficult to encourage older children to wear them. A simple neck tie is something that your child is less likely to complain about wearing, especially if they see Daddy put one on too. Pale yellow or blue ties match the spring time theme, or you can choose a darker colour for something that will look good the rest of the year too.

Pants or Slacks?

When it comes to pants, boys have it a lot easier than adult men. Children that hate getting dressed up can get away with wearing slacks with their blazers, and still look like they are dressed up to the nines! If your son enjoys getting dressed up smart, however, some dress pants will complete the ensemble nicely. Many blazers come with a matching pair of trousers so you don’t have to worry about getting the colors to match perfectly.

Super Shoes

Shoes are the finishing touch to any kids formal outfit. You should make sure that the shoes are the right color for the suit, and that they are polished and laced up correctly. Choose lace up shoes over velcro or slip-on shoes, even for a younger child. This turns getting ready for church into a teaching moment, and lets your child feel proud that they are all dressed up, just like a grown up!


If your child is old enough to look after their outfit, consider giving them a pocket watch to wear with their blazer. Easter is a good time to give a teenager their first high quality wrist watch; something that they can wear both to formal events and on dates or job interviews. Explain to your child that a wristwatch is perhaps the most important wearable item a man will own, and that they should take pride in looking after it.

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