Is Online Bingo Fixed?

Who doesn’t like to spend a few hours here and there playing Bingo online, right? As it turns out, millions of people across the United Kingdom play Bingo either daily, or weekly! In fact, there are more than 3.5 million Bingo players in the UK alone.

It is great when you are winning, but what happens when you are losing? What is your first thought? Many people’s go-to is: is it rigged? What could be scarier than realizing that the online Bingo site you have been pouring your hard-earned pounds into, is fixed? Not much, I can tell you that! There has been quite a kerfuffle in the online gambling world with newbie Bingo players worrying that the games they play are rigged.

Why the scepticism you ask? What makes people so sceptical about online Bingo is that they do not get to see the balls being drawn when they play an online Bingo game. When playing Bingo in a land casino, you actually see a person physically selecting the balls. This provides a sense of security. In online Bingo, the “system”, which we know is just a computer, actually generates the numbers automatically. And this is what sceptics find a bit suspicious. They all want the same burning question to be answered: is online Bingo fixed?

By now you are probably wondering if it is at all safe to play Bingo online and how you can tell if the game you are playing is fixed. Of course, these are valid things to wonder (and worry) about. Let’s put your mind at ease…

Why Does the Same Guy (or Gal) Keep Winning & I Don’t?

It is easy to call “unfair” when you are not winning and someone else seems to be winning consistently, isn’t it? That is what gets most sceptics going. It just doesn’t make sense to be on a losing streak and watching someone else win over and over. The reality is that it is not really a viable rigging route for a casino to let the same person win. Why are they winning? It is called “the heavy depositor effect” and involves players (usually the same ones) spending a lot of time and money buying as many cards as possible and playing as many games as possible, consecutively. They are winning because they are increasing their chances of winning, not because the game is rigged. You could use this strategy too, but many casinos actually do not take too kindly to it, so be careful.

Be Aware – Be Alert; Tell a Fixed Online Bingo Game from a Genuine One

Is there any way that you can tell if an online Bingo site is fair or not? You might think that there is no way of telling if you are about to be scammed by an “unfair” online Bingo game, but you would be wrong. There are a few tell-tale signs that you can look out for when visiting a new online Bingo site. Much the same, there are a few things that you can ask to see that can confirm the fairness and reliability of a site.

Here is what to look out for:

  • Check the Bingo site for a license number and then take it a step further by checking the license number with the UK Gambling Commission. Only sites with a valid license number are considered a safe place to play Bingo.
  • Check with the Bingo site how the balls are selected. The most reliable way for an online casino to select Bingo balls is by using a Random Number Generator, which selects completely random numbers and displays them immediately.
  • Check out the site statistics. A reputable online Bingo site that is not rigged should be able to provide you with statistics on the operation of the game and what the return to player percentage is. If you can’t find any information, or the casino acts sketchy when you ask, be sceptical.
  • Read real online reviews. Is Bingo fixed on a particular site? Authentic reviews can really answer this question. By reading reviews you can find out if players have been scammed or if there has been something “fishy” about that particular site. A general rule of thumb is to never deposit any money until you have a better idea of what sort of reputation the Bingo site has in the gambling community.

Choose Safe Online Bingo Sites

To avoid playing Bingo on sites that might be fixed, choose sites that are licensed and listed with the UK Gambling Commission. If a site seems suspicious, you can always check with the Gambling Commission for further clarification. To put your mind at ease, the UK hosts some of the most reliable and reputable Bingo sites in the world. Wherever you choose to play Bingo; play safely – and good luck!