The Mahindra Gusto Unisex Scooter

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. launched a Mahindra Gusto 110cc scooter and which is special edition for Mahindra. The scooter will offer in two unique shades and it was a first scooter with adjustable seat. The scooter could take up any bumps at the top speed and engine does not feel stressed and gives you a great ride quality. You could ride safely on city roads with powerful brakes. It is one of Mahindra and Mahindra’s attempts in the Indian scooter market. The scooter is equipped with four stroke 109.6 cc M-Tech engine. The engine crunches out maximum power of 8.0PS at 7500 rpm and peak torque of 9.0Nm at 5500 rpm. It can reach maximum speed of around 8eighty-five kilometer per hour and it could go from zero to sixty kilometer per hour in twelve seconds. The capacity of the fuel tank is six liters.

Telescopic spring suspension system of the scooter manages the front suspension and the rear suspension is managed by hydraulic coil type system and also the drum brakes in the front and rear easily manage to control this scooter. The brakes could stop the scooter from sixty kmph to zero in three seconds which is good enough. The scooter with one hundred and twenty kilograms is heaviest in the segment and due to which it has poor acceleration. It is softer and works better than others. Mahindra Gusto gives a good average as compared to other scooters in the segment and the 110cc engine with peak power of 8.2PS and torque of 9.0nm could give an average of 58.2kmpl for city drives and would give 62.5kmpl on highways drivers. Scooters are mostly used while traveling in the city areas, but Gusto’s engine, comfortable engine and mileage will definitely tempt riders to take this baby on highways for a wonderful experience.

It is the unisex scooter and which is full of edgy elements. The front apron of the scooter is a busy place with a ridge, turn indicators, contrasting louvers and a silver insert that carries the badge. The scooter also has LED pilot lamps. A long seat and pronounced creases of the bike on the engine cover define the scooter in profile. The silver theme of the Gusto scooter is used for the fork, transmission case and rear foot rest. The rear fascia of the scooter has a unique appeal to the prominent garland-like combination light which encloses a glossy black centre piece with the Mahindra badge. The wide seat calls for an even wider grab rail to their users. The build and paint qualities of the bike are have a good quality material. The difference in the saddle height of the seat is pretty apparent. The seat is a boon if the scooter is used by more than one person within the family which usually is the case.

 The steering grips are of right size and the same can be said about the switchgear. The Mahindra Gusto’s ergonomics deserves a special mention among the competitors. The vehicle offers a first-in-class height adjustable seat which makes it a true unisex scooter in the market. A rear-hinged seat of the bike with a patente. in this Mahindra Gusto Review we go to know that it has accomplished package and it has got sound dynamics, a refined, numerous first-in-class features, and zippy motor, and is high on practicality. Mahindra’s brand presence in the two wheeler market for Gusto certainly has got what it takes to be a highly competitive product. It is value for your money and you can buy this bike at an affordable price.