3 Features To Consider When Looking For A Storage Facility

Storage facilities come in handy, especially when your home or business establishment is crammed full of things you need to hang onto but don’t have room for. They serve as an alternative option for the packing and safe keeping of goods, valuables, materials, documents asides any other thing you want to store.

Whatever storage facility you have in mind for your things, knowing what to look for when going for a lease option is of paramount importance. Here are some features you want to consider when you are in the market for a suitable storage facility:

Ascertain Storage Capacity

When choosing a self-storage facility, storage capacity is crucial. Listing the specific items for storage helps for planning. It is the first step to take when you are looking for a storage facility. With this information, it is often easier to determine the capacity and space for each of these items. Most self-storage facilities specify their carrying capacity. So, make sure that whatever you’ll be keeping in storage does not exceed the required size.

Protection and Security

Everything useful in life including your valuables deserves security and protection. Your items are of immense value. You obviously wouldn’t be considering a self-storage facility if they were not. The safety, security and protection of your items are non-negotiable. So, decide what kind of security measures you want to take in the protection of your goods.

Research has shown that top-level security protection helps to prevent vandalism, thefts, arson, and robbery. Some of the security considerations should include whether there is a fencing or barricade that’d prevent illegal entry into theproperty. Iron or electric gates as well proper security facilities could work depending on your choice.

Also determine if there is enough lighting within and around the facility. Also, determine whether there is a 24/7 video surveillance system and live monitoring. Fire alarms and sprinklers are also crucial to safeguarding your items in the storage facility. Look out for this as decent storage facilities tend to have these.

Cost and Insurance

The cost of self-storage facilities varies from company to company. The overall factor that determines the cost of any facility is based on the space you need. With the competition within the storage industry, you should have multiple options available to you at an affordable rate.  The costs that you’d likely incur for short or long term lease ranges from environmental controls, lighting, security, and insurance. Bottom line, you want to have the best experience with your self-storage, so you go for the most quality at the most affordable rate.

Insuring the items that are in storage is also crucial. The insurance policy would cover incidents of fire and flood outbreaks, building collapse, water damage, explosion and vandalism during the period of leasing.

Thus, ensure that the self-storage company has insurance for the facility by determining that your storage units are covered under their insurance policy. Policies that cover your valuables in your storage facility could even provide for multiple storage units and a multi-unit discount.

In all, do some further research to include safety practices for your storage facility, expenditures (if you plan on long-term charter), wide-coverage insurance policy, and facility management. Some of these features and considerations may need additional elaboration depending on how long you intend to rent. However, what matters is working with a checklist of what you desire and the kind of experience hoped for. For residents of North Carolina one good option for you may be to visit movinonmovers.com, who provides long-term and short-term storage options.

As long as all the above-mentioned features are present, you should go ahead with your rent.

The writer, Oscar King, is something of a hoarder, and so knows the best places to turn to in order to store his wide variety of items he has collected over the years. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.