3 Problems You’ll Face After An Accident That Don’t Involve Your Car

3 Problems You’ll Face After An Accident That Don’t Involve Your Car

Getting into an accident of any kind can be a scary and traumatizing experience even if neither you nor anyone else is injured. If there are injuries, it adds a whole new level of trauma to the event, but even when there are no injuries, it can still be traumatic. The trauma doesn’t always end when information has been exchanged or cars have been towed, either. The end of an accident can potentially just be the start of a number of problems you may face. Here are 3 problems you’ll face after an accident that don’t involve your car.

Medical Care

If you or anyone else are clearly or obviously injured, then, of course, you or they need medical care. Even if you are not clearly or obviously injured, however, you may want to seek medical care for yourself or any children involved and may want to encourage any passengers to seek medical care as well. Not all medical issues stemming from an accident are always immediately apparent. How that medical care gets paid for, however, may be a nightmare. In some cases, automobile insurance covers a certain amount of medical expenses, but it is often a pitiful amount. Sometimes, your regular medical insurance will cover your care, but sometimes both your automotive and medical insurance companies will decline to pay, saying the other one should pay for it.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can run the gamut from the remarkably smooth to the infuriatingly slow. Hopefully, both you and the other driver have more than adequate coverage to ensure all damage and loss is taken care of. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, however, you may need to seek the services of an attorney or firm like Alexander Law Group to make sure you are adequately compensated. In addition, if you are an uninsured or underinsured driver, you most definitely want to contact an attorney.


Even if you were merely involved in a fender bender, you will most likely be without a vehicle for a few days. If the other person had adequate insurance, their insurance will most likely cover the cost of a rental car for you, but not always. In addition, you may have to go pick up a rental car and you may be without a car for a few days until an insurance assessor can come and make an assessment of the damage in order to file a claim. One way or another, unless you have a second car, transportation may be a bit bumpy for a bit.

The aftermath of an accident can sometimes be a smooth, relatively painless process, but it can also be a nightmare. In the best case, both parties have adequate insurance with reputable companies that will work together to ensure fair reparations are made all around. That is not always the case, however, and you may consider consulting an attorney the minute there seem to be any hiccups in the process.