5 Brilliant and Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas

Everyone wants to have a beautiful bathroom. After all, it’s more relaxing to shower or take care of grooming and other activities if the area looks nice. There are tons of ways that you can upgrade the look of your bathroom. Contrary to what most believe, remodelling projects aren’t really that expensive. In fact, you can spend very little yet still see fabulous results. You’d be surprised how a few adjustments can totally spruce up the entire room.

Bring in new colours

Tired of the same old look of the walls? Go to the nearest hardware shop and purchase two or more buckets of paint! One of the best ways to improve the look of any room without spending too much money is to do a repaint job. Pick a colour theme that you like. Some of the popular colours used for bathrooms are earthy or light pastel tones.

Select at most two colours for the walls, then add furniture and décor that complement the overall theme. Make sure that you don’t over decorate. The last thing you want to see is a cluttered bathroom!

Experiment with the shower

Replacing the shower tiles can cost a lot of money, so you can just try changing the shower cubicle instead. If you use an ordinary glass shower cubicle, you can try using an etched glass panel for a change. The satin layer of the glass gives you more privacy without blocking the light coming from the windows and the bulbs. The satin finish of the glass also gives an elegant feel to the shower area.

Install hanging cabinets

This is the perfect solution if you have a small bathroom. Hanging cabinets can help you store more items like soaps, tissue paper and shampoo bottles. Make sure that you match the colour of the hanging cabinets with the colour theme you selected.

Consider adding twin sinks

Twin sinks are perfect for master bedroom bathrooms. They also work great for households with many kids. If you have a large space, then you should consider installing a trough sink.

Use bathroom sinks that are equipped with towel bars

Sinks with towel bars work great for any size of bathroom. You can hang towels on the bar, so you can avoid spattering water all over the room. This is especially perfect if you have kids. You can teach them to wipe their hands right after they use the sink.

There are other ways you can upgrade your bathroom. If you have a larger budget, you can try replacing the wallpaper or the bathroom tiles. You can also install mirrors to make your bathroom look more spacious.