Gain Brand Recognition Through Corporate Promotional Items

Companies use promotional items to garner customer appreciation, show appreciation to employees, gain recognition, generate repeat sales, and to keep their contact information within easy reach of customers and prospects. But how do companies accomplish all this with a few inexpensive items? Do they just hand these out and hope for the best? I hope that your marketing strategy is a lot better than that. Here are a few ideas to get started with promotional items.
Sponsorships provide one of the fastest ways to get your name out in your community. You can sponsor a charitable or community event, and your business name and logo will the publicized right along with the event. Sponsorship of a conference, trade show or workshop provides another way to get your name out. In this latter instance it provides the chance to increase your visibility in the business community as well as opportunities to network with like-minded business owners. Hand out your promotional items at these events, so attendees will have some way to remember who you are long after the event.
Charitable Donations
It’s always important for a business to give back to their communities. You can donate money, food and your time to shelters in your communities. When you do, always hand out some of your promotional items as well. Of course in this case the people who receive them might not be able to something worthwhile for your business but the positive public relations that comes just from your effort is more than worth the investment. Have you marketing department publish a few releases of the work you have done, so you can create some buzz in the community.
Trade Shows
Trades shows provide the ideal atmosphere for handing out promos. Choose items that tie in with your business theme, but the items should be functional as well. Items like totes will provide an immediate use at trades since attendees can place all they collect within them. Flash drives, coffee mugs, matchboxes, napkins, water bottles and sports bags are just a few of the more popular promotional items. These are items that people will use every day, and when they do they’ll see your logo and contact information.
Market A New Product
Place samples of a new product in a promotional tote. If sample sizes are not available, you can give out coupons or promote it on branded items like pens, note pads, and water bottles. This is an excellent way to get the word out on your new product and get your customers to do some of the promotions for you.
There are many other ways you can use promotional items effectively. Leave them in your waiting areas, so visitors can take a few. Mail them to your customers or to anyone who has had any sort of contact with your business. These mini billboards will go a long way in getting the word out on the great things your company is doing.
About Author
Amber Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, artist and fitness nut. With a background in marketing and small business development, Amber utilizes LovePromos for promotional coasters for her bar and restaurant clients. Follow Amber on Twitter at