Should Your Business Use A Photo or Logo In Social Media?

Getting your company involved with social media can be a huge step for your business. Right away, the business has to decide what its profile picture will be. If you browse social media profiles, you’ll find that most large companies use their logos as their social media avatars. But one of the benefits of being a smaller business is the personal connection between the owner, the business and the customers. Deciding whether to use a logo or a picture is not a simple decision because there are advantages to each.

Why you should use a Photo

If you do decide to use a photo, make sure it’s taken by a professional. This will ensure that your picture resizes well for different social media platforms. It will also give a more professional feel to your brand because the picture will be better quality.

You can use a picture of yourself, which is very engaging. Doing this showcases what small business is all about – personal interaction. It shows customers who they are helping by visiting the business and will allow them to identify you in the community.

However, customers who know you personally may become confused by your social media if your personal profile picture and your business picture are the same. Avoid any confusion by keeping your business picture and your personal picture different. One way to avoid this is to use a picture of your business instead of a picture of yourself.

Your business picture can be taken from the outside or from inside. This can make it easier for customers to find your business. However, because pictures in social media are often resized, photos of buildings and interiors may not be identifiable at such a small size. Another downside to using a picture of your business is that a picture without any people in it isn’t always engaging. By using your logo instead of a picture, you can avoid these issues.

Why you should use a Logo

Your logo is obviously an identifier for your brand, like your face is an identifier for you. Unless you’re using your face as your logo, your customers may be more likely to connect your social media to your business if the logo is consistent.

You’re also more likely to be taken seriously if you use a logo. Because this is the way a majority of brands market themselves, your customers will recognize you as a brand.

If your logo is underdeveloped, or if you’re rebranding, consider hiring a professional to do your logo design. You’ll want your logo to be eye-catching. Since this logo will be what your customers associate with your business, it needs to look professional.

Whichever you decide is more appropriate for your business – steer clear of not using a picture at all. Without a picture, the site looks unused and outdated. It’s not inviting, even if you’re regularly updating the page.

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