Good Health and What Makes It

In today’s world good health and fitness are all the rage, with many people spending thousands on learning new ways to stay fit and healthy. Health however is a broad term not confined to biology alone. You may wonder what kinds of health are relevant today and how can you improve them. Read on and find out…

Social Health

Classified as ‘Social Animals’, we humans were never designed to stay alone. We require companionship to function in the form of family and friends. These interpersonal relationships have a significant effect on our overall health as 70 different studies done on the topic show that isolation has the same incremental effect in early mortality as obesity.

Improving and maintaining good social health can be easy or difficult depending on whether you’re inherently extroverted or introverted. Sociologists recommend having up to 5 close friends who act as your support group, and frequent meetings with friends and family are proven to light up your spirits.

Mental Health

Mental or Emotional health has picked up a lot of attention in recent years, and rightly so. The phrase ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ also applies in reverse order as your whole exterior existence depends on how your mind works and ‘feels’. You can visualize this easily with the most prevalent mental disorders in the world, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and PTSD.

Improving mental health is closely tied to how well your social health is. A good support group and strong willpower often gets us through our tough times and allows our minds to stabilize. Individually you can strengthen your mental health by consuming a brain friendly diet which is free of unnecessary stimulants like caffeine. Regular exercise and sleep are crucial for mental tranquility. Learn relaxation techniques like Yoga and Chi Gong to keep stress levels in check. Most importantly, focus on face to face interactions with friends and family, in order to feel connected.

Physical Health

The most important determinant of overall good health is your physical form. Exercise and fitness training, as opposed to sedentary lifestyles, is proven to increase muscular endurance, cardiovascular function and the release of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals adds to emotional and mental well-being. A good example of all of this combined is Muay Thai.

Muay Thai or ‘Thai Boxing’ is a body-centered martial art originating from Thailand that incorporates the hands, arms, legs and feet as the main shields and weapons of the body. This intensive aerobic exercise routine is the foundation of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and is practiced worldwide for it’s general benefits to good health. Raw simplicity of this sport appeals to tourists when they see young children to senior citizens practicing Muay Thai such as .

You too can train in Thai Boxing through various levels of gyms throughout the country, from traditional ‘Nak Muay’ gyms that train and prepare professional fighters to recreational gyms for beginners and enthusiasts to foreigner-focused training centers that teach the sport to tourists from a primarily exercise point of view.