Why Your Home Security System Needs To Go Digital

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Do you think about the security of your home? If you have a porch light and a bolt lock on all your doors you might think that your home is secure enough from potential threats, but is it really?

With today’s criminals going high-tech, the security system that you have protecting your home needs to be as high-tech as the criminals trying to break into your home. A simple lock will not keep out criminals determined to enter your home.Consider the following reasons to update your home security system and how adding additional security measures to your home will benefit you:

Home Security Statistics

According to data collected by the FBI Criminal Justice Informational Division Services, homes without a digital security system are three times more likely to be targeted for theft.  Since 2006, residential burglaries have increased nearly 10 percent. Most homes are burglarized while the owners are not at home –either during the day or when the residents are on vacation.

Thefts like these are difficult to prevent with simple locks. Most burglars enter through windows, or have tools that can break through locks. If you do not have an additional security system, your home and all of your property is at risk.

How Digital Security Systems Work to Protect You

Most alarm systems include motion sensors and door and window contacts. These systems connect to an alarm device that trigger the alarm when disturbed. Many systems will contact the police if the alarm is not deactivated within a few seconds. Other systems also include protection from natural disasters, including flood alarms, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms- protecting you from every potential threat. Other systems can monitor all of the systems in your home, including plumbing, sprinklers, heating and cooling, and other major systems in your home- giving you constant control of your home no matter where you are.

Is a Security System Worth the Money?

In most cases, yes. Security systems deter potential burglars from your home. A study by Rutgers University showed that the presence of alarm systems can actually decrease crime.  A security system will also help you relax and have peace of mind while you are on vacation or away from your home during the day. Some elaborate systems can even alert you to when your children arrive home, or even notify you of potential problems like freezing pipes. Installing a home security system will also help lower the insurance costs of your home.

There are many benefits to having a home security system or using an alarm monitoring service. Some homeowners may object to the cost of installing and operating a security system, but in some cases, you can get insurance benefits for having a working security system. The small amount of investment money paid each year for the system is much less than the cost of losing your property and losing priceless memories and family heirlooms- even if most of their value is sentimental. If you own a home, then you should strongly consider adding a security system to protect your interests and property from potential thieves.