Bigg Boss 11 2nd December 2017 Latest Update

Bigg Boss 11 2nd December 2017 Latest Update

The latest and the new episode of Bigg Boss 11 start with Vikas ending his friendship with Arshi khan, who is irritated with Vikas for not supporting her in different conditions. Arshi khan in a young-looking manner, tells Hiten to prevent speech Vikas however he tells her that he’s the sole friend he has and he can ne’er try this. Hiten pulls her leg spoken communication that she will drop him and continue being friends with Priyank.

The contestants awaken to the song, ‘DJ Waale Babu’. Shilpa brings tea for Vikas and he or she offers it to Hina too however the latter returns it to her expression that she doesn’t need any favours from Shilpa, as a result of she is going to refer it for a minimum of every week. Arshi writes ‘I love VG’ on the wall of the kaal kothri. Vikas tells her that he won’t reconcile along with her however Arshi tells him that she didn’t perceive him, and currently she will. Bigg Boss announces that Arshi, Bandgi associated Puneesh’s penalisation has return to an finish.

On Friday, Arshi has solely Shilpa on her mind. She spends each single moment taunting and querulous concerning her not realising that Shilpa was obtaining heap of footage along with her act. when instigating Hiten against Shilpa, Arshi gets into AN argument along with her within the room and says that she didn’t bring her any food whereas she was in jail although she offered it to Puneesh and Bandgi. Arshi tells Shilpa that once the latter was in jail, she frequently brought food for her. Shilpa doesn’t provide any justification and tells Arshi that she is “the worst lady she has met” whereas Arshi tells her that she is disgraced of herself that she referred to as her her mother.

Shilpa confides in Bandgi concerning all of the drama and begins to cry voice communication that she did raise Arshi for food. Hiten joins the speech communication to clear the matter. He tells Arshi that though Shilpa didn’t raise her in person, she did provide to form separate food for Arshi, since she doesn’t like potatoes. however Arshi persistently complains that why didn’t Shilpa raise her directly the manner she did with Puneesh and Bandgi. within the privy space, Puneesh, WHO is Shilpa’s supporter, tells Shilpa that Akash and Arshi have used her. Arshi all over again starts harassing Shilpa and tells her that almost all of the items she will ar for the camera.

Hiten’s post tenure has return to AN finish, and Bigg Boss asks the housemates to pick out 2 names, WHO can contend with one another for post. Of course, arguments begin and eventually Vikas and Priyank, the 2 sanchalaks of the luxurious budget task, ar chosen to contend for post.

Bigg Boss introduces the position task whereby each the contenders are going to be the DJs. the 2 got to win over the opposite housemates to affix their several team associate degreed not leave the floor vacant until the task doesn’t return to an finish. The contestant with the utmost variety of housemates supporting and saltation for him, wins. Hiten is that the sanchalak for the task.

Both Priyank and Vikas begin convincing their co-contestants to affix their team. Priyank tries his luck at obtaining most votes by giving the contestants some goodie points. He tells Puneesh that he can save him from nominations if he joins his team.

Priyank additionally agrees with him and tells Luv that Hina is insecure. Priyank eases her worries expression she is going to go until the finale, as a result of Salman had thoroughbred it on one weekend. however it’s going to or might not happen, Priyank adds. They additionally discuss however Arshi’s continual taunts and harassment of Shilpa was really benefiting Shilpa as all the eye gets drawn on her.

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