5 Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

5 Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything
We all have that one man in our life who has everything that he could ever want- and everything that his friends want as well- but that shouldn’t stop you from getting him an awesome present that will make him the envy of the Christmas dinner table.

5 Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

Food and Beverage Items

The beauty of giving food and drink is that it won’t go to waste, especially during the holiday season. If they don’t want it themselves, someone in their house is bound to tuck in before the end of New Year’s Day.

So, ask around about their favourite brand of fancy chocolates or pay close attention to their order the next time you get a round in at the bar.

Small Accessories

Every man likes to look well groomed, especially at this time of year, but you can’t very well buy them a whole new outfit- not unless you’re prepared to ask for measurements. This means sticking to accessories, but luckily these can take any outfit from drab to fab.

When selecting accessories, go for something unique and eye-catching; whether that means it is made from an unexpected material, like these wooden bow ties from Woodiful.com, in a bold colour scheme, or is an unusual shape.

Homemade Items

He might have everything, but he certainly doesn’t have everything made by you. If you want to get him something truly unique, why not make him something by hand, whether it’s knitting him a sweater, baking him some cookies, or even brewing some alcohol at home.

Not much of a crafter but still want to make something yourself? Create a modern day mixtape by downloading his favourite songs (or ones that remind you of him) and putting them on a USB.

Gift Experiences

Not everyone wants to get something physical for Christmas, especially if they have a small home or are already decluttering.
Instead, why not get them vouchers for activities they love to do. It could be something as simple as cinema vouchers for a film fan, as unique as a Spitfire simulator flight for military history buffs, or as heart racing as a parachute jump for thrill seekers.

Donations to Charity

Some men want to share the love at this time of year and would prefer a donation to charity over an actual present. This can still be a really personal gift, if you choose a charity that is close to his heart.

If you’re not close enough to ask about his favourite charity, check out his social media pages to see if he has shared posts about a particular health conditions (i.e. about a cancer diagnosis in his immediate family) or if he follows an official charity page or if he’s shared news articles about an ongoing humanitarian crisis (i.e. the famine in Yemen).

So those are my tips on the best gifts for the man who has everything this Christmas, but now I want to hear from you. What gifts are you getting for the man in your life? Are you considering one of these presents? Let me know in the comments below.