How To Shop For Men’s Clothing

Most men are not too keen on clothes shopping. If you don’t feel like asking your wife or girlfriend to pick out your wardrobe you can shop for a neat, presentable look without being a fashion fan.

Follow these fashion tips to shop for men’s clothing.

Nix the Jean Shorts

Unless you want to step back a few decades review jean shorts and other short shorts from your wardrobe. Cargo and khaki shorts are better choices for more formal affairs. If you want to go with a more casual look wear shorts that reach knee length. Keep shorts baggy in the leg area but not too baggy in the butt or waist areas.


Belts and shoes can make or break your outfit. Take great care in choosing accessories which match your overall apparel to create an impressive overall presentation. Since you’re not likely wearing many accessories make them look good by matching colors between your add ons.

Don’t wear brown belts with black pants or black shoes. Buy a flat black leather belt which matches nicely with darker colored slacks. Pick up a pair of black leather shoes and keep them polished to impress.

Donning a button-down, dark-wash jeans and black leather shoes creates a clean, sharp look that’s all but guaranteed to make an impact.

Stay away from All Black

Unless you’re attending a funeral it’s rarely a good idea to wear all black. Contrary to popular belief it’s not terribly thinning. Stay away from matching tops and bottoms in general to show range and variety in your wardrobe. Tuxedo and suit wearers can get away with color coordinating but save that exception you should be mixing colors to create a more attractive presentation.

Wear What You Vibe with Color-Wise

Choose colors that you prefer since most colors look fine on most men. Unless you’re self-conscious you can pull off purple, pink or virtually any color if you wear it with confidence.

You can always pick a few set colors if you’re either lack creativity or are colorblind to work with. Simply build your wardrobe around these shades to be consistent and to feel good about what you’re wearing.


Few men go the hemming route but this little tip can help you look more presentable. Avoid fraying at pant bottoms and look infinitely better in pants by making a tiny investment in having your pants hemmed.

In terms of pants it makes sense to go a bit longer so you can hem them versus going too short and adding another set of your pants to the “high water casualty pile.” Buy men’s pants which may be a bit large as you can always tailor them to fit properly.

Locate a tailor by using the internet or simply speak to your buddies. Make sure to try on your pants at the tailor’s to find the proper leg length.

You can also have tailors tuck in the sides of baggy shirts and shorten sleeves on jackets or shirts to clean up your look.