Important Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

Ask These Questions Before Renting an Apartment

Finding the right apartment may seem overwhelming. Asking some key questions will help narrow down an apartment search and help ensure a safe and quality apartment. Landlords that do not answer questions or seem irritated by your quest for information should be avoided.

Ask On Initial Call:

Asking certain questions when initially calling about the apartment will allow the prospective tenant to determine if the place is a viable rental option.

  1. Ask what the rent is every month. Some landlords offer a special to get a renter in the door but the rent will increase after the initial period.
  2. Ask if the complex has issues with security or break ins. Apartments with security problems may not be the safest place to live and looking elsewhere is wise.
  3. Ask when the apartment is available. If the space does not become available within your time frame, there is no point in pursuing the apartment further.
  4. Ask if the property has any registered sex offenders living on the premises. If you are a single woman or have children, it would be advisable to not rent in such a location.
  5. Ask what the pet policy is. If you have a pet or plan on obtaining one, this is a vital piece of information to know before viewing the apartment.

Ask On Viewing:

  1. Do all the appliances work? How are maintenance issues handled? Knowing that the apartment is in good repair before moving in shows the property owner cares about the property.
  2. Ask what utilities the tenant is responsible for? Ask how much is the average utility bill for the apartment? If the amount is excessive or will exceed a monthly budget, look elsewhere.
  3. Ask how much the security deposit is required. Ask when rent is due and how long of a lease is required.
  4. Ask if the apartment will be cleaned or painted prior to moving in. Ask if painting rooms a different color is allowed. Some landlords will allow a tenant to paint to their specific tastes a long as the paint color is changed to the original color on vacancy.
  5. Ask if there is dedicated parking for tenants and if there is an additional fee for parking. Find out where guests are able to park.
  6. Ask where the trash is collected and if the tenant is required to pay any trash removal fees.
  7. Ask about laundry facilities. Is laundry available in the building or on site?
  8. If a pool is on site, ask if non residents are allowed to swim as a guest.
  9. Ask if a roommate is possible at some point or if a long term guest is able to stay in the apartment.
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