Tools and Equipment To Rent For Cleaning Ceilings

Is your routine general cleaning coming up? Cleaning every corner of your property may be quite hard, especially if you do not have the right tools and equipment for cleaning. Ceilings are also one of the visible but hard to reach places. That is why it would be best to rent cleaning materials for this special task. Here are the different tools and equipment you may need when cleaning ceilings.

  • Telescoping cleaning pole

What makes maintaining high ceilings difficult is that they are often out of reach. Sometimes, you would need a scaffolding to keep them properly maintained or painted.

With a long extension pole, you will be able to reach those elusive heights. These poles often come in 5 to 6 feet, some can be extended up to 24 feet. They can also come with a threaded tip, allowing you to attach any kind of cleaning device, such as brushes and dusters, on its end.

  • Lambswool or synthetic duster

A part of cleaning ceilings regularly, dusting keeps the ceiling well-polished. Aside from polishing, dusting also helps remove dirt and dust instead of just transferring them from one place to another. However, using a regular feather duster will shake the dust off the ceiling and then onto the floor and furniture. This will need you to clean them afterwards.

Lambswool dusters and similar synthetic ones, on the other hand, contain fine crimped fibers that attract and hold on the dust until shaken out. They are particularly good at cleaning flat and broad surfaces. Lambswool dusters also last longer than feather dusters.

  • Vacuum cleaners with brush attachments

Perhaps the best way to clean ceilings without leaving too much dust on the floor is through using vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners suck the dirt in, so you do not have to worry about shaking off the dust in the open air afterwards. Most of these vacuum cleaners come with brushes that can be attached to the vacuum. You would want to use the widest brush in cleaning the ceiling.

For textured or natural ceilings and walls, the best brushes to clean the ceiling are the ones with the soft bristles. Aside from brushes, vacuum cleaners also come with a long extension hose to reach the ceiling, similar to the telescoping cleaning poles.

  • Rent tools and equipment for cleaning ceilings

These are only a few effective tools in cleaning ceilings. As these cleaning materials are either quite uncommon or expensive, you might consider renting them. Also, you would not need to use these cleaning materials often, so renting them is good option.

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Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.