Marquee Weddings – Your Path To The Perfect Wedding

The perfect wedding day is a day that every bride pictures when she imagines herself walking down the aisle into the waiting arms of her prince charming. The fairy tale ending where dreams really do come true. It is an event that marks a new chapter in life. A new beginning and a day that will never be forgotten. No wonder there is so much pressure to have it perfect in every way.

When you hire a marquee you hire a unique atmosphere set to your style, theme, and specifications. It is a completely tailored space catered to you and your day. Hiring a marquee provides the opportunity to invite and welcome guests to your home (if you choose to set up there) at a time you choose and in an environment that is welcoming.

1 – The Great Outdoors or Indoors

Finding the location for your outdoor wedding in some places can be like trying to decide between a sunset and a sunrise. They are both beautiful with equal advantages and disadvantages. Other settings may not be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye and require some creativity. If your wedding is outdoors, you can use the surroundings as a backdrop to compliment your theme. If an indoor wedding is more practical for you, then a complete renovation of your space can transform simple surroundings into elegance. With a marquee wedding event, literally everything is brought to you. Outdoor weddings do well with a matte flooring while those in an indoor wedding can dance the night away on wooden floors. The frame, drapes, lining, and size of the marquee will all depend on the details of the event.

2 –Flexibility

Just ask the experts at and they will tell you that marquees are incredibly flexible and anything is possible. This is one of the reasons they are perfect for a wedding day. They can be erected almost anywhere in various styles such as long, square, romantic, classical, themed etc. The entire marquee can be renovated from theme to theme as the lining can be any colour and is an ideal backdrop for almost any style. In a fixed venue most decorative possibilities are limited to the requirements of the rental facility. Marquees are flexible enough to carry any style and provide just about any function. You choose the time the marquee goes up and you the time it goes down, which can be at six am when the last guest finally leaves. You are not bound by a four or six hour contract.

3 – More Perks

Your wedding can be in one large room and then the guests and newly married couple can relocate to a reception facility that is often miles away. With a marquee you can create rooms and/or zones. Rather than covering every inch of space with decorations, you can offer seating areas that provide guests a place to relax and get reacquainted. One of the most used areas at weddings is the bar. Situate the bar in its own space in an area that invites guests to come forward. Another popular zone at a wedding is where the cake is placed. As an honoured part of the tradition it deserves its own space which can be decorated in a multitude of ways. With some marquees it is possible to add rooms. A room for the bride and bridesmaids and a room for the groom and groomsmen is ideal, as is a space for the DJ to be able to set up behind the scenes.

Lighting is a critical part of the atmosphere of a wedding. In the summer candlelight at dusk is beautiful while softly strung lights are perfect for early spring or fall.

4 – Cost-Effectiveness

The ideas and principles of marquee hire are simple and affordable. It is easy to make it as lavish or as minimal as you desire. The cost of the wedding event will vary based on the size, location time of year and what amenities and services you choose. When compared to the costs of a traditional wedding and reception, a beautiful fully-tailored and themed wedding done by hiring a marquee can give you better results for less money.